Plate Tectonic - Plate Tectonics (6)

PROBLEM: What do earthquakes and volcanoes have to do with plate tectonics?


MATERIALS: Wall map of earthquakes and/or volcanoes of the world; NOAA/NESDIS icosahedron globe, crayons


Using the information about what defines a "plate", color the continents so they can be easily seen. Use a pencil to draw on the map, where you think the plates are. Look at the larger maps for more detailed information to help you decide. Cut, fold, and paste the globe together.


  1. How many plates have you defined? 
  2. Are there any "problem" areas?__________ List them:
  3. Where are there earthquakes and no plate edges? 
  4. Where do two plates meet in the United States?


How many plates did you find? 
What was your criteria for defining these plates?


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