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Elementary Kits (by Cycle)
Elementary Kits (by Grade)
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     Other Materials for Kindergarten
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Other Materials for Kindergarten
Code Name Price Availability    
AC-9894 Skeleton - Box of Bones $2.99 Sold Out
AM-31031 World Globe $4.50 Sold Out
DM-FF40 Pattern Blocks $11.99  
E-030 Potato Peeler $1.50 Sold Out
E-401 Nutcracker $2.50 Sold Out
E-532 Eggbeater $4.90 Sold Out
G-1300 Droppers $0.25 Sold Out
H-432 United States Relief Map (Raised) $28.95 Sold Out
JP-515 Hand Magnifier $1.10 Sold Out
LER-0361 Measuring Spoons $1.75 Sold Out
LM-5555 Flashlight $4.00 Currently out of stock
MSN-020 Stethoscope $5.50 Sold Out
MSN-022 Dinosaur Globe $3.75 Sold Out
MSN-026 Animal Globe $7.25 Sold Out
MSN-139-8 Sand Kit $25.00  
msn-dp Dinosaur Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
msn-GK Gem Kit $18.00  
msnrcmn Rock and Mineral Kit $19.95  
R-01 United States Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
R-02 World Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
R-03 Solar System Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
R-04 Periodic Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
R-05 Human Body Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
S-2005 Parasaurolophus $5.80 Sold Out
S-2500 Velociraptor $8.50 Sold Out
S-4000 Stegosaurus $6.50 Sold Out
S-4002 Brachiosaurus $23.95 Sold Out
S-4003 Apatosaurus $24.95 Sold Out
S-4006 Triceratops $7.25 Sold Out
S-4027 Maisaura $12.50 Sold Out
S-4035 Tyrannosaurus $6.70 Sold Out
se-005 Wild Animal Placemat $4.50 Sold Out
swift-gh Swift GH $99.00 Sold Out
TS-5 Pinwheel $1.25 Sold Out
TS-9062 Bug Boxes $2.50 Sold Out