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Elementary Kits (by Cycle)
Elementary Kits (by Grade)
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Other Materials for Third Grade
Code Name Price Availability    
AC-9894 Skeleton - Box of Bones $2.99 Sold Out
ACC-CMT3 Budget Peter/Petra Torso $75.95 Sold Out
ACC-WCP1NX Mr. Thrifty $75.97 Sold Out
AM-31031 World Globe $4.50 Sold Out
AM-31033 Celestial Globe $5.25 Sold Out
Ca-93 Battery Holder $2.89 Sold Out
CP-002 Hand Boiler $3.25 Sold Out
DM-600 Bar Magnet (6 inch) $9.50 Sold Out
DM-901 Bar Magnet (3 inch) $10.25 Sold Out
DM-902 Bar Magnet (2inch) $8.00 Sold Out
DM-903 Cow Magnet $6.25 Sold Out
DM-906 Horseshoe Magnets (1 inch) $13.95 Sold Out
DM-906a Horseshoe Magnets (2 inch) $3.50 Sold Out
DM-IF Iron Filings $1.50 Sold Out
DM-LM Logo Magnets $1.20 Sold Out
DM-Ring Ring Magnets $0.39 Sold Out
G-59 Tabular Spring Scale (5 Newtons) $2.95 Sold Out
G-60 Tabular Spring Scale (10 Newtons) $2.95 Sold Out
G-61 Tabular Spring Scale (20 Newtons) $2.95 Sold Out
G-LM Landscape Model $5.50 Sold Out
H-151 Solar System (Illumniated Orbiter) $185.00 Sold Out
H-600 Hydrographic Globe $125.00 Sold Out
H515 Landform Model Maps $39.95 Sold Out
HU-333 Wand Magnets $1.20 Sold Out
JP-504 Hand magnifier $0.50 Sold Out
JP-515 Hand Magnifier $1.10 Sold Out
L-405 Fluorescent Tube $2.50 Sold Out
LER-0361 Measuring Spoons $1.75 Sold Out
LER-1522 Scales - Bucket Balances $18.50 Sold Out
LER-2405 Thermometers - Metal Back $17.95 Sold Out
LER-306 Advanced Beaker Set $17.95 Sold Out
LER-537 Metric Rulers $8.00 Sold Out
MSN-020 Stethoscope $5.50 Sold Out
MSN-026 Animal Globe $7.25 Sold Out
MSN-08 Circuit Kit $4.50 Sold Out
msn-GK Gem Kit $18.00  
msnmarine Marine Invertebrates Kit $16.95  
msnrcmn Rock and Mineral Kit $19.95  
PP-14 Mirror $1.00 Sold Out
R-02 World Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
R-03 Solar System Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
R-04 Periodic Placemat $2.50 Sold Out
S-6521 Energy Balls $3.25 Currently out of stock please check back next week
se-1277 Weather Placemat $4.50 Sold Out
swift-gh Swift GH $99.00 Sold Out
TT-1492 Bubble Trumpet $2.25 Sold Out
UN-1459 Tornado Tube $2.25 Sold Out
V-2355-10 10 ml Graduated Cylinder $3.25 Sold Out
V-2355-25 25ml Graduated Cylinder $3.99 Sold Out
V-2355-50 50ml Graduated Cylinder $4.50 Sold Out
V15-250 Beaker (250ml) $3.00 Sold Out
V15-400 Beaker (400ml) $3.50 Sold Out
watch Watchglass $7.50 Sold Out