Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon Wetland Center

Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon has become a model restoration project since its inception in 1999.  Using stormwater and a natural sag pond created by the Hayward Fault is unique.  Prior to its conversion to a restoration project, few native organisms could be found.  Now tree and plant species abound and the native birds and mammals have returned.  This project would not be successful without the many projects that have been developed over the years.  Below are just a few of the many projects (other than Eagle Scouts) that have been completed at Tule Ponds.


Melissa Chung (Troop 60280) Fremont Designing and making feral cat or raccoon homes at Tule Ponds(Gold Award, complete December,2016)
Lavanya Neti, Sneha Anantharaman, Meha Goyal and Divjot Sandhu (Troop  30901, Fremont) Restoration of Tule Hut
(complete May, 2016)
(silver award project)


Jane Doan (Troop 60280, Fremont) Designing Flower Boxes for Monarch Butterflies (Gold Award Project) (complete March, 2015)
Prachi Kulkarni, Rucha Joshi,Purva Lakhara, Richa Marathe, Anusha Nandam, and Manasi Kumar (Troop 30128, Fremont) Educational Stepping Stones for Tule Ponds
(complete April, 2014)
(silver award project) 
Vibha Sharma, Anupreet Singh, Medha Maddileti, and Urvi Vyas (Troop 31626, Fremont) Butterfly Stepping Stones (complete March,2014) (silver award project)
Hannah Robinson , Gabrielle Calabretta and Annelise Chen Troop  31714, Fremont Renovation of Butterfly Garden
(completed July,2008)
(silver award project) 
New United Motors Manufacturing Inc (NUMMI), Fremont Clearing Butterfly Meadow, Trimming Trees, and Cutting Tules (complete Oct 4, 2008)

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