Lutheran Youth Service Projects 
November 10, 2001

Saturday November 10th, nearly 200 students went to many different Fremont locations to offer their time and services to a new community.  These students came from all over Northern California for a youth group conference and instead of going to an amusement park like they normally do, they decided to give back to the hosting community.  The three main locations for volunteers were Central Park, Niles Community Park and Sabercat Creek.  At Central Park the volunteers helped trim bushes and spread chips in Stivers Lagoon.  The 92 volunteers at Niles helped pick up trash, plant over 100 native plants, spread chips that were in huge piles, and sweep and rake walkways and vegetated areas.   The 85 volunteers at Sabercat Creek braved a slightly steep slope and planted over 400 valley oak acorns in direct seed shelters.  Towards the end of the work day the sky became a darker gray color and it began to rain. 

All of these projects helped the Fremont Community in some way.  The effects of these actions will be a greater respect for our parks and an increasing number of volunteers willing to help keep our parks looking alive.  The Math/Science Nucleus would like to thank the following people who helped make this event a success:  Nelson Kirk (Parks Supervisor), Leo Torres, Charlie Sparkman, Bruce, Sue Nogare, Sandy Ferreira, and the major organizer of this event Beverly Townsley, and not to forget the over 300 volunteers who helped on all of these projects. 

Pictures from Sabercat Creek


Pictures from Niles Community Park
The volunteers at Sabercat Creek were: Marty Gonsman, Ruth Sweatt, Jeremy Bird, Christian Sweatt, Allison Dietz, Katelyn Wiliamson, Molly Barnes, Jenna Snow, Jane Barnes, Amanda McNeice, Kayla McDonald, Chelsea Rau, Jennifer Schmit, Bethany Rau, Kristen Hunziker, Jordan Huer, Kelsi Ammon, Whitney Johnson, Christy Casebeer, Erik Gardner, Killian Callahan, Joe Trambatore, Nico Diaz, Logan Callahan, Russell McNeice, Jared Schmit, Nick Cumming, Elliot Sisson, Shannon Heinzer, Steffanie Bullock, Paula Womble, Sarah Moenter, Cami Martinez, Sarah Jones, Barry Moenter, Ben Miller, Andy KuKis, John Blomster, Mike Lang, George Ekeren-Moening, Andrew McKelvey, Evan White, Alex Colla, Brian Fuso, Jason Meyers, Amanda Lang, Nicole Giroux, Michelle Taddi, Samantha Smith, Laura Woznick, Craig Minich, Ambrose Miner, Phillip Stein-Webber, Debbie Wilson, Nicole Hervey, Corey Hervey, Beth Grandrath, Tiffany Saunders, Montanna Saunders, Mike DeHart, Nick Bell, Zach Winger,Jessica Bach, Lauren Harris, Christina Spear, Alicia Altman, Ian Farrell, Monica Willoughby, Casandra Laudis, Krystal Mulcrone, Deanna Dockter, Larry Dockter, Stephanie Harris, Kathryn Harris,Dawn Forkas Smith, Mabel Chin, Gloria Lau, Kelly Crithfield, Brian Johnson, David Karacozoff, Alexandra Gilmore, Cosette Gilmore, Alyssa Alimena, Kendra Brooks, and Bobbie Green.

The volunteers at Niles were:  Jamie Tomlinson, Kate Swee, Kailyn Fitzgerald, Kirk Austen, Danny Hauan, Ben Scharffe, B.J. Zichterman, Bill Nale, Brett Montgomery, Charlie Wright, Brian Fletcher, Brandon Whitaker, Dave Carneggie, Thomas Grubbs, Eric Utto-Galarneau, Sam Fernald, Madelyn Thran, Michelle Dupuy, Annika Spears, Bonnie Carneggie, Saddie Brown, Jenna Grubbs, Jennifer Wolf, Ingrid Wander, Alex Brown, Robyn Gomez, Danielle McMahon, Jessica Smith, Rebecca Lacy, Wendell Brown, Jacob Gomez, Jeremy Gomez, Jeanette Kuneli, Hypatia Rauch, Megan Kuneli, Amy Lemon, Kathryn Sizemore, Brittany Fletcher, Marcia Sizemore, Megan Lillie, Emily Erbert, Katie Becker, Jessica Littell, Jackie Fletcher, Scott Anderson, Billy Badham, Andrew Benware, Gabe Goeson, Elizabeth Kennedy, Adriel Wong, Katrina Wong, Malee Bodhiprasart, Holy Feather, Tessa Moren, Marie Kennedy, Megan Prosser-Gebhardt, Amanda Nalley, Nicole Weitz, Alyssa Calhoun, Christina Lotz, Britney Pierini, Randy Weitz, Debbie Olson, Derek Olson, Dylan Olson, Peter Holmquist, Ian Bernhardson, Daniel Beseda, Daniel Petzold, Nick Harr, Christine Palomino, Jessica Spohn, Kristine Guest, Tony Fajardo, Brandon Fajardo, Bill Velase, Allison Sedlock, Carolyn Worthge, Katie Burrell, Marcy Burrell, Samantha Wendland, Grace Lloyd, Amanda Timms, Erica Timms, Katie Davos, Nicholas Ingram, Brad Worthge, Sandy Pelton, Phillip Golding, Hants Williams, Melissa Van Den Broeke, Craig Cornelius, and Chris Cornelius