Rock and Roeding Greenhouse Established at California Nursery
by Sandy Ferreira

I am pleased to announce the completion of the newly constructed Greenhouse located in the Niles District.  The Greenhouse, an Eagle Scout Service Learning Project, was built by Fremont resident Adam Raudsep.

During the planning and construction phase, Adam had the good fortune of being mentored by Parks Field Supervisor Nelson Kirk.  Building the Greenhouse was a cooperative effort among Adam, Nelson, other Boy Scouts and Community Members.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to lean how to propagate native plants, trees, and shrubs, including some non-native species.  The Greenhouse stock will be planted in the parks and throughout the community to continue the cycle of these wonderful plants.  According to Nelson, the majority of the trees and shrubs at California Nursery were planted around 1884 by nursery founder John Rock.  George Roeding later purchased the California Nursery in 1917.  Between the years 1870-1917 Rock and Roeding were considered the most prominent nurserymen in the Pacific Coast.

Trees planted include nursery stock so rare they can not be found in other nurseries.  Seeds will be collected and germinated from these historic trees as well as other historic trees throughout the City.

Nelson's goal is to preserve the diversity of the historical trees of the City for future generations.  "We want our community to be able to see and appreciate the historical trees brought here by our pioneer nurserymen."