Universe Cycle - Earth (5)

PROBLEM: What forces carve the landscape in different parts of the world?


MATERIALS: inflatable world globe or other world maps, colored pencils or crayons

PROCEDURE: EXERCISE 1.  Look at the landform models and determine how they were formed by either wind, water, ice, or tectonic movement of the Earth.  Remember they can be formed by move than one force. Sketch the model and write your answer on the back of this page. 

EXERCISE 2: Examine the inflatable globe with your partner. Answer the following :
Name 5 areas that may be influenced by:





EXERCISE 3: Examine the globe again. On the map, color the areas that are influenced by water blue, the areas effected by ice green, and the areas effected by wind red.


When you are done, answer the following question: Do you see any pattern to where areas influenced by wind, ice, or water are located? Explain your answer.


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