Water Cycle 
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1. Air is found in:

A. hydrosphere
B. atmosphere
C. lithosphere
D. none of these

2. An ion of an element:

A. has properties of the element
B. sometimes have different properties
C. are non-existent
D. found in solids

3. Which is not a component of air?

A. oxygen
B. nitrogen
C. salt
D. carbon dioxide

4. When it rains it is called:

A. evaporation
B. precipitation
C. hydrosphere
D. lithosphere

5. Water vapor is found:

A. in the oceans
B. in the atmosphere
C. in the lithosphere
D. in the center of the Earth

6. Atmospheric pressure is caused by:

A. pressure of light
B. pressure of salt
C. pressure of air
D. pressure of water

7. Which is not a layer in the atmosphere?

A. ionosphere
B. troposphere
C. hydrosphere
D. stratosphere

8. Which is not part of an atom?

A. neutron
B. electron
C. sillitron
D. proton

9. Draw a simple water cycle.






10. The difference between ocean and fresh water is:

A. amount of water
B. amount of mud
C. amount of pollution
D. amount of salts

11. Salt will ____________ in water.

A. evaporate
B. dissolve
C. melt
E. pour

12. What instruments measures atmospheric pressure?

A. thermometer
B. barometer
C. seismograph
D. rain gauge

13. What causes the oceans to be salty?

A. fresh water flowing over rocks
B. salt maker
C. dirty people swimming
D. none of the above

14. What shape are all bubbles?

A. cubic
B. spherical
C. rhombohedral
D. pyramid

15. The chemical formula for water is:

A. H2O2
B. HO2
C. H20
D. H2O3

ANSWERS: 1.(B); 2.(B); 3.(C); 4.(B); 5.(B); 6.(C); 7.(C); 8.(C); 9.(students should have evaporation and condensation or precipitation as main components); 10.(D); 11.(B); 12.(B); 13.(A); 14.(B); 15.(C)

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