Water Cycle 
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1. Circle the items that require water to live.

A. plants
B. dogs
C. computers
D. people

2. Water is a:

A. jelly bean
B. liquid
C. plant
D. book

3. Which of the following cannot be made of water?

A. ice cube
B. glass of water
C. clouds
D. car

4. What makes some water salty?

A. glass
B. salt
C. gas
D. boats

5. The atmosphere is made of:

A. airplanes
B. balloons
C. air
D. dirt

6. Read the following temperature on the thermometer in centigrade.


B. ____________

C. ___________

7. The bubbles outside are blowing in the diagram. Place an X where the wind is coming from.

8. Thermometers record:

A. temperature
B. how many clouds
C. wind
D. pressure

9. You can see a balloon in the air. It is moving like in the diagram below. Where is the wind coming from?

10. On the map below label "land" and "ocean."

ANSWERS: 1.(A,B,D); 2.(B); 3.(D); 4.(B); 5.(C); 6.(A. 20C, B. 40C, C. 10C);7. wind is blowing from the right; 8.(A); 9. from the left


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