Rock Cycle 
to review 8 week unit

1. Minerals can occur naturally in many shapes. Circle the shapes below which you think might be minerals as they are found in nature.
A. B. C.

2. Circle any of the animals below which are dinosaurs.

A. B. C.

3. Draw your own picture of a dinosaur.







4. Circle a carnivore.

A. B

5. Find the following elements and list their "symbols."

1. Calcium __________________
2. Iron __________________
3. Gold __________________
4. Sulfur __________________



1. A and B can be minerals; C is not 3 dimensional and minerals tend not to be round
2. B and C are dinosaurs
3. See if children can draw key elements of a particular dinosaur that you discussed in class. For instance if you studied Tyrannasaurus rex, children should have large back feet, standing upright, with small front legs and the teeth should be sharp.
4. B  is a carnivore because it has sharp front teeth.
5. Ca, Fe, Au, S

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