Applied Science
to review 8 week unit

1. Which of the following graduated cylinders has the most volume of water?

A. B.  C. D.

What would you measure the following items with?

2. Dimensions of a room. ______________________________________________________

3. Your head. ______________________________________________________

4. The mass of an apple? ______________________________________________________

5. Which of the following is not considered a qualitative science?

A. Chemistry
B. Biology
C. Geology
D. Botany

6. Which of the following is considered a quantitative science?

A. Geology
B. Biology
C. Physics
D. Botany

7. What do electricity and magnetism have in common?

A. Dirt
B. Electrons
C. Amber
D. Optical illusions

8. What is a closed circuit?

A. electrons flow through a wire and then stopped
B. electrons flow through a wire in a continuous motion
C. where animals and clowns perform
D. none of the above

9. Which diagram below shows a series circuit?



10. On the diagram above, what does the other diagram that is not a series circuit show?

A. second circuit
B. edge circuit
C. parallel circuit
D. no circuit

11. Draw a diagram of an electromagnet.



12.  Which of the following does not use the principle of

 A.  telephone
 B.  radio
 C.  telegraph
 D.  lamp

13.  Explain where you get the power to turn on your electrical

14.  What would it be like without electricity?

15.  Explain why SILICON VALLEY in California is called "silicon."


ANSWERS:  1.(B);  2. ruler, tape measure;  3. tape measure;  4.balance;  5.(A);  6.(C);  7.(B);  8.(B);  9.(A);  10.(C);
12.(D);  13. Students should have some connection that electrical power comes from either water or fuel turning turbines.  Students can justify a few other sources like nuclear.  Use your judgment.  14. It would be dark and we would have no electrical appliances.  (Note:  Students can say just about anything as long as they justify their statement).  15. The computer industry uses silicon to make computer chips.

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