Applied Science
to review 8 week unit

1. Predict the length of the following figures without a ruler. Use metric units.

A. ________________

B. ________________

C. ________________

2. Define the unit cell in the pattern below.

3. Which of the following have bilateral symmetry. (Bilateral = one side looks like the other side.)

A. B. C. D.

4. Which is not a form of energy:

A. Solar
B. Light
C. Paper
D. Wind

5. Computer chips are made of:

A. Chocolate
B. Silicon
C. Rubber
D. Wood

Use the following words to describe the simple machines below: lever, wheel and axle, pulley, gear, wedge

6. ____________________
7. ____________________
8. ____________________
9. ____________________
10. ___________________

11. Write a sentence or two of how energy is used in our everyday lives.


1. A - answer should be between 3-5 cm.  B - answer should be between 1-3 cm.  C - answer should be between 6-8 cm.  2. diamond shaped or rectangle; 3.(A,C); 4.(C); 5.(B); 6. wheel and axle; 7. lever; 8. gear; 9. wedge; 10. pulley

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