Rock Cycle - Past Life (2A)

PROBLEM: How can you obtain information from fossils other than bones?



MATERIALS: playdough, dinosaur models, rulers

EXERCISE 1: Roll out the playdough and make an imprint of your hand with your fingers all held together. Answer the following questions.

A: How wide is your hand (from the tip of your thumb to the base of your pinky)?

B: How long is your hand (from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm)?

C: Do you see any lines running through the middle of the print of your palm?

EXERCISE 2. Roll the playdough until you have a blank surface. Make imprints of each model's feet and skin. Draw what you see.





Dinosaur 1




Dinosaur 2




Dinosaur 3




Dinosaur 4



CONCLUSION: What kind of information can you get from a trace fossil?

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