Printing from Internet Explorer

Files posted in the HTML format are current.

  1. From the Internet Explorer tool bar click on File, then Print Preview.
    If the Main Bar Toolbar is not showing.  Right click on the Favorite toolbar or one of the others to activate the list of toolbars that are being displayed.  Then check on Menu Bar.

  2. If there is more than one page that needs to be printed.  Change the pull down menu from “As laid out on screen” to “Only the selected frame”.  If there is only one page to be printed, you will not have this selection.

  3. Change “Shrink to fit” to a percentage so the words will fit on the page (you can also make it larger by changed the percentage), or move the margins (the margins have two arrows with a line in the middle) you might have to play with the settings to get the desired layout.

  4. If there are more than one page, change the pull down menu to “2 Page View” to see how it will print out.

  5. To Remove the Header and Footers click on the icon that looks like a page with a line on the top and bottom.

  6. DO NOT print directly from Internet Explorer without setting up the layout of the page.  Printing directly from the Internet Explorer will cause words and pictures to be cut off.

  7. After you have changed the setting, click on the printer icon on the top left.