Applied Science - Science and Math (4C)
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  • Comparing and contrasting inventors and scientists.
  • Investigating scientists and inventors.
  • discovery
  • invention
  • inventor
  • scientist
  • worksheet
  • Internet
  • reference material 

Students write a report on  their favorite scientist or inventor.


Inventions and science are closely intertwined.  Both require creativity and the ability to solve a problem and logically develop conclusions.  However, inventions focus more on a directed use of creativity which usually has a goal or is financially motivated.

Also note that many of these inventors are either European or American.  That does not mean that other countries were not creative, just that times and needs were different in the various countries.  Inventions and science built on the work of many people.  Communications, sharing, and equipment are vital to any program.  For instances, Charles Darwin would not have developed a theory on evolution if he did not have a chance to see the different forms of life around the world.  He was fortunate to have been the naturalist on the HMS Beagle in the early 1800's. Refer to the article on "Technology" at the beginning of this book for background information.  Also, some countries such as China invented many things like bridges, paper and mathematical procedures but because the transmittal of the written language had not been perfected, those individual inventors are not known to us. Remember, the most creative invention of all, the wheel, was invented by an unknown human somewhere on this planet.

  1. Go over the scientists and inventors on the worksheet.  Some of the people are noted for one particular thing, but many have also excelled in other areas. .  Discuss each of these people.  (Additional people can be added).
  2. As a homework assignment, assign one of these people to each student and have them find out if the person is a scientist or an inventor.  Sometimes it is very difficult to find out.  Encyclopedia work is essential here.
  3. In this exercise, learn with your students and continue this project as time permits.  There were so many interesting people who helped develop the technology of today.

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