Applied Science - Science and Math (4B)
Pre Lab 

  • Collecting and analyzing data.
  • Interpreting data.
  • bar graph
  • data
  • graph
  • measure
  • plot
  • scale
  •  worksheets 

Students graph data obtained from worksheet.


Scientists collect data and present it to other scientists.  In order to present it in a way that others can understand,  scientists must first analyze their data and interpret it.  They can then present it in an interesting way.  In this lab students will be asked to collect, analyze, interpret and present data. 

There are many different types of graphs that are used by the scientific community, as well as other professions.  Economists, police, city officials, and many other people use graphs to help make people understand data that is collected.  

Pie graphs are used when the entire circle is divided into percentage.  Each pie is a fraction or percentage of 100%.  A line graph depends on how the axis is defined in the x and y direction.  It is usually on a real number, and not percentage.  Bar graphs are usually for a real number to compare different categories in a very visual manner.  Students will be making a bar graph representation of flag poles using the appropriate worksheets.  


  1. Give students the two worksheets.  In this exercise, students measure and collect data.  Students can also discuss characteristics of each flag.  
  2. Discuss the use of the scale on the worksheet with the flags.  Ask the students to use their ruler and mark how long this length is on their metric rulers.  Show them that if they donít have a ruler, they can mark the length on a small piece of paper and use that to measure the height.
  3. Have them measure each of the flags and  record their answers in the space below each flag.
  4. On the second worksheet, have students plot the data they have collected.  They should plot each length above the appropriate countryís name.  Remind them that this is a bar graph.   Have them  color in each bar of the graph.  
  5. Inform the students that a bar graph is a very visual way of presenting data.  By making each bar a different color a fellow scientist can easily see the differences between the lengths of the flagpoles.

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