Applied Science - Built Environment (6)
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  • Investigating living in space.
  • Designing a space station.


  • space
  • weightless
  • worksheet
  • space shuttle

Students design a space station.

click on picture to learn more about the Space Shuttle.  Some parts adapted from Visual Dictionary (http://infovisual. info)


In the not to distant future, men and women will be living in space to carry out numerous experiments and activities. Rather than being confined to shuttles or orbiters, our space pioneers will live in Space Stations, built largely in space. These orbiting multipurpose systems will have to provide for all the astronauts' needs, including atmosphere, food, water, shelter, and health.

These space stations will also have to create their own living space. For instance, an atmosphere cannot be brought with them. They will have to maintain the atmosphere by using certain plants or other methods. Waste materials will have to be stored, reused, or transported. Gravity will have to be maintained, because human bone will deteriorate without gravity. Emphasize to students that the human body was made to live on Earth, with an atmosphere, water, and gravity. 

Click on the picture above to learn about the different parts of the Space Shuttle, which brings astronauts to the Space Station.  Also note how the Space Shuttle is important is working on different missions, like putting satellites in orbit.


  1. A space vehicle will be the ultimate "built environment" because humans will have to have designed every aspect of living. You may want to compare living on today's Space Shuttle with living on the Enterprise on Star Trek. Below is an example of some of the items to discuss. Students may want to discuss others. After you go over the list students will see that the Enterprise is definitely in the world of our descendants.





Bring from Earth

Produced by machines that synthesize molecules


Bring from Earth

Produced from Earth


Bring from Earth

Produced on board

Waste recycled

Bring back  from Earth

Recycled, deposited on different stations



Create their own gravity

  1. On the worksheet have students create their own space station or space city of the future. The words are to remind them to include specific areas. Remember all needs must be provided to survive in space.

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