Lesson 3 - Page 2



Materials:  Earth Science - Telescopes

1. You have six labeled lenses in your kit. Draw each one of them in the space below and label what each one is. Use the diagram below to help. If light passes through the lens what would it look like? Consider the light source always on the left.

























2. How does each lense refract light?

Look at each different lense. Shine light both ways and then ...and record what happens to the image. Can you project the imagine onto a piece of paper and is it larger or smaller when the image is in focus. Use the pictures on the right to help you decide how to experiment.


describe path of light in words or pictures













3a. Look through the mini-telescope at your station. Describe how you can make it work.

b. Use a small biconvex lens and try to duplicate this telescope. Experiment with the six lenses you have and determine which combination works. Hint: Look through the small lens onto the large lens. Draw what you see and describe what you see with each lense.









4. Look through a telescope or binocular (included in kit)  and try and determine the path of light. Make sure you determine if the telescope is a reflecting or refracting telescope. Draw the path below.








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