Materials to Make

This section discusses what materials can be made by a volunteer group for your school or district. These materials are non-consumables, so once the items are made, save them for another year. In each of the lesson plans there are directions for each of the items that needs to be made. Determine the units and then make a list. Below is an example of how the information is provided.

The following sheets will help guide you to make materials prior to the lab. If you have any parent volunteers they can help make some of the materials. You may want to have a "Science Party" at your school or district to try and make materials for all grade levels. If parents help make the materials have them sign their handiwork.



large branch
artificial grass
artificial leaves
bird nests
redwood tub (or a similar tub)


You can make a display that can become a colorful addition to your classroom, and a home for all the nests that you might find throughout the year. It takes just a large branch (about 2 meters tall) with smaller branches able to support nests. You can ask a neighbor or parent when they trim their tree to save a large branch. Make sure you "cure" the branch first, leaving it outside so the sap and "bugs" leaves the branch before you bring it into the classroom. Get a base (redwood tub is ideal) and wedge the tree into the base of the tub. Put large rocks in the tub to make sure the branch will not move. We suggest that you put the "tree" together in the classroom, because the rocks will make it too heavy to move easily. Use artificial grass or turf to make the base of the tree look realistic. Use artificial leaves and flowers to make the branch look like a real tree.

Coordination of Science Materials