Field Trips Online!
Science is important to all societies around the world.  It helps to understand our world so well informed engineers, doctors, business people, politicans and voters can make our world a BETTER place to live in peace.  Below are the links to each of the field trips to help your student continue the learning.   The concepts correlate to our I.Science MaTe Reference Curriculum for K-8



Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon (1999 Walnut Ave, Fremont)
video on Tule Ponds (2 minutes)
more information on Tule Ponds

 Trees and other Shrubs  (not available) What is a tree?       (storybook)
Life Cycle - Plants KA (Pre Lab)
 Wetlands (not available) Wetland in the City    (storybook)
Life Cycle - Natural Environment 6A (Pre)
 Ohlone Culture at Tule Ponds (not available) Growing Up Ohlone (storybook)
Painted Lady and Butterflies   recorded (recorded April) Painted Lady Butterfly (storybook)
Monarch Wheel    (activity pencil/paper)
Contrasting Butterflies and Moths (lesson plan)
Pollution and Effect on Habitat (recorded  May 1)  A Fish in Stone   (storybook)
 Fresh Water Fish (flash required)
Ant Trails and other Insects  (recorded May 8, 2020) Ant Trails (storybook)
Life Cycle - Organism 3B (During)
Arthropods and more in Science Garden (lesson plans, activities)
Ants (lesson plans, activities)
"Insect Observation" (booklet)
"Insect" Classification Cards (activity)
Soil and Composting (recorded May 15, 2020) Compost Break Dance (poem)
video of rotting food
Decomposer Cards
decomposter diagram
Frogs (Amphibians and Reptiles) (recorded May 22, 2020) Frog Tales
Through a Frog's Eye
Life Cycle - Organisms 2B (Post)
Water and How it is Recycled (recorded May 29, 2020) Giving Water a Second Chance
Drippy the Hippie
Hayward Fault  and Three Earthquake Dolls (recorded June 5, 2020) Three Earthquake Dolls (storybook)
San Francisco Fault Map

The following Field Trips Online are underconstruction,
we are looking for funds to produce

Children's Natural History Museum (4074 Eggers Drive, Fremont)
more information on CNHM


     Going Back through Time with Dinosaurs        Rock Cycle -  Past Life 2B (Post) 
     Mammoth Mary  flash    all platforms       Rock Cycle - Past Life 3 (Post)
      Irvngton Story     flash   


Universe Cycle



California Nursery Historical Park (Nursery Ave and Niles Blvd)
for more information on facility



     A Child of Rancho Arroyo de la Alameda       Learn about Maria Guadalupe Vallejo and her life around  the 1850"s in Fremont, California 
    Fig Man - The Story of Young George C. Roeding Sr        The story of Frederick and George Roeding in the mid  1800's to early 1900's