April - October, 2006

Celebrating the sunset of the exhibit, but hoping the Sun will rise again
  City of Fremont's Council members
Bob Wieckowski and Anu Natarajan symbolically closing the exhibit


The Fremont Earthquake Exhibit has been very popular with approximately 20,000 people coming from all over the area.  This exhibit helped the Math Science Nucleus increase awareness of the science of earthquakes.  The Hayward Fault is a common theme with the other facilities that the Math Science Nucleus manages.  Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon Wetland Center is a sag pond created by two traces of the Hayward Fault.  The Ice Age fossils in our Natural History Museum were unearthed by the Hayward Fault in south Fremont.  So this exhibit made people understand the overall geology in the area.   This  exhibit also  encourages people to prepare about the next earthquake through understanding the science of earthquakes and not to fear them. 

For if it wasn’t for the Hayward Fault system,  Fremont would  not have the rolling hills that it has today  Earthquakes with their mighty energy can cause disasters, but they also  create the beauty that we now see.

Hopefully our next event will be the Sunrise on the Earthquake Fault trail that we are now proposing. If you would like to be part of the committee to make that happen, please email Joyce Blueford at blueford@msnucleus.org
Enjoying the informational posters  Lectures about the subsurface features of the fault


Community members shared their thoughts and ideas.....  and also enjoyed the Seismic Sunset food!


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