Hayward Fault Walking Tour


scheduled tours

March 21, April 18, May 16, June 13

Over the last million years, the natural beauty of Fremont has been shaped by the Hayward Fault. Instructors will be leading these 'ground breaking' tours and exposing the science and beauty of the Hayward Fault. This fault is one of several active faults in the world actually creeping at 5 mm/year. The tour will take place at Central Park (Lake Elizabeth) and explores dramatic faulting effects in both natural and urban environments. Even view the floor of a building that reveals dramatic evidence of this fault activity. (Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult)

Tours begin at the Fremont Community Center (back of the building facing Lake Elizabeth) (40204 Paseo Padre Pkwy - cross street Mission View), located in the heart of Central Park.

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joint project with City of Fremont, US Geological Survey, and Math Science Nucleus
$15.00 per person recommended for adults
funds are used to complete the exhibit, enjoy an informative tour while helping us save this unique exhibit

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If you are interested in the complete Hayward Fault trail through Central Park,  please look at the following link that outlines fault features in Central Park.