Children's Natural History Museum

Walk through Time


Walk through Time Exhibit donated by the Foundation for Global  Community.  This display traveled throughout the world as an outside walk through time, providing visitors a sense of  time by walking from one display to another that was over one mile long.

Observe different telescopes and other models of the Universe and Solar System

Travel through time as exhibit goes from 4.6 billion years and brings you to present time


It starts with the birth of Earth about 4.7 billon years ago.  Each of the panels describe what the Earth would have looked like.  The first room goes back through 700 million years, before life exploded on our planet (Proterozoic including the Precambrian).  The second room looks at the evolution of life from the Mesozoic to the Cenozoic.   Fossils of this time can be seen in the Wes Gordon Fossil Hall.

The surface of our Earth has changed many times over its existence.   Understanding the natural evolution of our planets has taken many human years, and we still do not know what everything means.

Look through various microscopes and see creatures that become fossils including diatoms, foraminifers, and radiolarians.  These aquatic creatures have fascinating structures that are only visible under a microscope.   They give us clues of how life evolved.