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Wesley Gordon Fossil Hall

 Rancholabrean Fossils from Warm Springs District, Fremont
donated by San Francisco Public Utility Company
bison bones (Iowa, foreground) compare with Warm Springs fossils for all to enjoy

Mission Era cow (left, Warm Springs) compared with today's cow bison skull (about 12,000 years old)

Rancholabrean Fossils.  This collection contains specimens from the Warm Springs District in Fremont, donated by the San Francisco   Public Utilities Commission. These fossils are thought to be about 12,000 years old.  Included in the find were bones from the Mission Era.  There is a comparison with today’s cow (larger)  with Mission Era bones (smaller).  There were found in the same location, but stratigraphically higher.   Bones from other Rancholabrean sites are included to compare with  Bison fossils found in Fremont.