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We are now offering some online science classes on Wednesday at the Children's Natural History Musuem  delivered live!  
Sign up from anywhere in the United States for as little as $9.75 per class for members, $12.00 for non members.

Fremont’s Children’s Natural History Museum is closed due to Covid but our classes and fieldtrips can come to you  On Line!!  Have fun learning and exploring with our scientists on a live Zoom adventure! All you need is the Zoom application on any platform (computer, phone, tablet).

You will be able to see and interact with some of our museum props and exhibits that are in hiding right now! Household materials may also be used. Many classes use electronic storybooks that can be used again and again.  Activities are designed to make science fun and meet state standards.  Check the classes below, and register on line – Its Easy!   We will then send you the passcode for the class which you can access through Zoom. Easy! Come join us from around the United States.

If you live in the Fremont CA area we have a Museum Store! Many of the toys and equipment used in class are available by appointment. More classes coming soon!

Oct 21, Wednesday
1-2 pm

Code: Museum 01
Oct. 21  Physics of Toys (grades 2-5)  1:00 – 2:00 pm  Pacific time (Eastern  time 4-5pm)

How do toys work? You will help figure out the science behind different toys…all types of toys.  What forces are used in toys? Gravity, Magnetism, electricity. Friction? Make your predictions and test your ideas and compare with other students in class.  We will even make a few toys you can play with at home!

Materials needed at home: worksheet(will come with confirmation), pencil, your favorite “toy”, zoom app

  Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers 

Oct 28, WednesdAY
1-2 pm

Code Museum 02
Oct 28  Spooky Science  (grades 2-5)  1:00 – 2:00 pm  Pacific time (Eastern  time 4-5pm)

So we are used to the masks now – those arent scary! But what about those spooky spiders, skeletons, strange lighting effects….come explore the science that makes it spooky!   We will create some extra spooky science experiments for you to spook others!

Materials needed at home: Zoom app, pencil, paper, new glow stick, scissors, cup

 Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers

Nov 4, Wednesday
1-2 pm

Code: Museum 03
Nov. 4 Electricity! (grades 2-5)  1:00-2:00pm  Pacific time (Eastern  time 4-5pm)

Discover static electricity using some of the museums big hair raising equipment . What is current electricity? Explore series and parallel circuits, how much electricity you use and how to be safe!

Materials needed from home: Worksheet (will come with confirmation), pencil, latex balloon (blown up just a little and tied)

Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers

Nov 11, Wednesday
1-2 pm

Code: Museum 04
Nov. 11  Magnets!  (grades 2-5)  1:00 – 2:00pm  Pacific time (Eastern  time 4-5pm)

Have you ever done an experiment with a magnet? Are all magnets the same? Where is north and south? How do they act? Can you do any magnet magic tricks?

Materials need from home: Zoom app, worksheet (comes with confirmation), pencil, any magnets you might have at home (look on your refrigerator – even little ones)

 Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers

Nov 18 Wednesday
1-2 pm

Code: Museum 05
Nov 18  Light Magic (grades 2-5) 1:00 – 2:00 pm  Pacific time (Eastern  time 4-5pm)

Light can move magically!  Investigate how you can make light move with mirrors and prisms. Experiment with reflection and refraction and how energy is obtained from light!

Materials need from home: Zoom app, worksheet, pencil, clear glass half filled with water, penny, small mirror (access to mirror)

Eventbrite - Biogeology, Soil, Decomposers 

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