Children's Natural History Museum
7-10 years old
  Price: $38.00 for 3 hours  9-12 noon
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30 max.  7-10 years old; 

Born and raised in the Bay Area is a dinosaur paleontologist. With over ten years of experience in discovering, excavating, and studying dinosaurs, Danny has worked with Museum of the Rockies, the Badlands Dinosaur Museum, and the Utah Geological Survey, uncovering several new dinosaurs, including the bizarre Trierarchuncus. He brings his enthusiasm and knowledge into paleontology livestreams every weekday on Twitch, and science lessons for kids of all ages.  (VIDEO)

7-10 years old
Jan 20 , Saturday
9-12 noon
Dino01   Dinosaur Science:  What are dinosaurs?

 Everyone thinks they know what a dinosaur is, but how do paleontologists determine what is a dinosaur and what isn't? The answers might surprise you! Through hands-on activities and interactive lessons, students will learn the basics of dinosaur science, from geologic time to classification and how paleontologists figure all this stuff out.

7-10 years old
Jan 27 , Saturday
9-12 noon
Dino02   Dinosaur Science:  The Plant Eaters

Why did most dinosaurs eat plants? In this overview of herbivorous dinosaurs, students will learn why the biggest dinosaurs were plant-eaters, what kinds of foliage they fed on, and how they defended themselves against hungry meat-eating dinosaurs. With engaging lessons and crafts designed to help students remember what they've learned, this class will be a delight to any young dinosaur detective.

 7-10 years old
Feb 3, Saturday
9-12 noon
Dino03  Dinosaur Science: The Meat Eaters

Fierce, fast, and ferocious, the carnivorous dinosaurs capture our imagination like no other creatures -- but what do we really know about them? Students will gain a newfound appreciation for the wondrous diversity of predatory dinosaurs through hands-on activities, learning about the astounding shapes and sizes these creatures attained, and their surprising relationship to birds. From the mighty Tyrannosaurus to the tiny feathered Microraptor, these marauding meat-eaters still haunt our dreams -- and perhaps our bird feeders too!

 7-10 years old
Jan 20,27,Feb 3, Saturday
9-12 noon

If you are going to come to all 3, please use this discounted series price of $100.00.

   No refunds one week before, a $5 processing charge per class for all refunds.  You may transfer to another class for no charge if there is room available.
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