Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon 
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This is a series of virtual online educational field trips for 2-5th graders.  Please contact us at field@msnucleus.org or call (510)790-6284 to get codes and passwords to join in on the adventure.
April 3, Friday 11 am-12 Wetland in the City.  An overall look at Tule Ponds and how important ecology is to restoring an area.  See the various animals that live in the area. FREE
April 10, Friday
11 am-12  What is a Tree  Tule Ponds has been transferred into an Urban Forest.  See the different trees that are on the land, and what they provide to the animals. FREE
April 17, Friday 11 am-12 Growing up Ohlone.  This area was once home to the Ohlones, an ingenious  group of people that learned how to use nature to create a functioning society.  Learn about the plants and animals they used. FREE
April 24, Friday 11 am-12 Painted Lady and Butterflies  Understanding the life cycle of butterflies can help produce a habitat that they will thrive.  Learn about the Painted Lady migration and the monarchs that we are protecting FREE
May 1, Friday 11 am-12 A Fish in Stone   Most fish in the San Francisco Bay area are non- native.  The native fish cannot tolerate the past pollution and warm waters.  Look at the problems at Tule Ponds and the reason we have to keep monitoring the chemistry of the waters. FREE
May 8, Friday 11 am-12 Ants Trails and other Insects  Learn about the importance of ants to the natural world.  At Tule Ponds they help break down wood and decompose many other biological life.  We will compare the insect world so you can compare at home. FREE
May 15, Friday 11 am-12 Compost Break Dance -  Food waste can be made into wonderful compost.  Learn about the microbes that break food down and how it can be used in garden. See compost piles at Tule Ponds. FREE
May 22, Friday 11 am-12 Frog Tails -  Frogs are part of the food chain at Tule Ponds.  Learn how this vertebrate changes its body form throughout the season.  Compare native and non native frogs. FREE
May 29, Friday 11 am-12 Giving Water a Second Chance - Learn how water in recycled in nature and how cities have to develop plans to make water flow through a city to prevent floods.   FREE
June 5, Friday 11 am-12 Three Earthquake Dolls  -  Tule Ponds was created by the moving of the Hayward Fault.  Learn what is a fault and go through a tour from Tule Ponds to Lake Elizabeth so see how you can recognize the movement. FREE






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