California Nursery Historical Park
Adobe Lights

at the
Vallejo Adobe
1:30-3:30 pm (come early or stay late and enjoy the park)
Dec 3,10,17   Saturday
Vallejo Adobe

park at the Parking lot,  can start at Vallejo Adobe or California Nursery Office Museum
The park is 20 acres so have an enjoyable walk to see other historic buildings from the outside.  Only the Adobe and Office will be open.  Videos of the nursery and history will be shown at both place.

Visit the wonders of little houses all lite up in the Vallejo Adobe on the grounds of the California Nursery Historical Park.    The park grounds will be open so you can explore the California Nursery Historical Park.  The museum has artifacts from the 1860s and shows the rich agricultural historyof Fremont.

Check in at the Vallejo Adobe or Office Museum (behind)


The Vallejo Adobe was part of the Mission San Jose property where rancheros would watch the cattle.  As the Spaniards lost control to the Mexicans, Don Jose de Jesus Vallejo oversaw activities and later was given owner's right to this land.  The site of the adobe was probably occurred since the early 1800'sThe brick in the current adobe has been patched through the years and went through a major renovation in 1999.  This family tour goes back to the time when Don Jose de la Jesus owned the land, and his daughter Maria Vallejo wrote about living in such a western outpost. 
recommended for families with children 5 and above 
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owned by City of Fremont
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