Stepping Stones for Butterfly Meadow

Vibha Sharma, Anupreet Singh, Medha Maddileti, Urvi Vyas
31626, Fremont

silver award project

 Hemalatha Erva

 (31626 Troop Leader)
Veda Talakad (Silver award Lead)

Building stepping stones for Tule Ponds is a way for people of all ages to become more aware of the environment. It allows  people, especially the younger generations, to learn more about the natural environment around them. Being  a part of conserving our environment is a very important component of building a brighter future. What better way to teach children than in a way that is both interactive and fun? So, we decided to help our communities by building informational stepping stones for the butterfly gardens here at Tule ponds.

Manasi - Mixing cement mix


These informative stones describe the  life cycle of a butterfly, and include several fun facts about butterflies as they lead the visitors to the butterfly garden, here at Tule Ponds. In the process of building these stepping stones, we learned and applied time management, budgeting, and planning skills. We learned to manage our goals in deadlines, and actually build the stones. Through this project, our troop has realized the benefits of community bonding, determination, teamwork, and focus.To achieve the desired thickness of the stones, and to etch information onto them required the concrete to be mixed at right consistency. Getting our designs on the stones taught us the value of meticulous planning. Not only do these stones make up the pathway to the butterfly garden, but building them gave us an experience we will keep with ourselves for our lives.

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