Educational Stepping Stones for Tule Ponds

Prachi Kulkarni, Rucha Joshi,  Purva Lakhara, Richa Marathe, Anusha Nandam, and Manasi Kumar
silver award project

30128, Fremont
Suvarna Kulkarni (30128 Troop Leader) /Rohini Joshi (Silver award Lead)

This troop is located in Fremont that includes  6th and 7th graders. The troop members are Anusha Nandam, Purva Lakhara, Richa Marathe, Prachi Kulkarni, Manasi Kumar and  Rucha Joshi (left to right above).

Manasi - Mixing cement mix

 Prachi - Arranging mosaic design for molds

These girls are full of energy, fun, loving, and willing to help nature!  They are always ready to learn and help the community! Troop 30128ís girls selected the project of making stepping stones for Tule Ponds, a wildlife sanctuary and water restoration site. When kids and visitors walk in the area they should understand its significance without a tour guide. That is why the girls decided to make stepping stones that provide information while leading you to the different parts of Tule Pond. The girls have designed and built butterfly hopscotch, different animals, and the Hayward Fault zone describing stepping stones! Their troop has enjoyed doing all the research, learning, and making the stepping stones. In the process they learned team building, accommodating other group members, leadership, and price comparisons.

Purva (right) - Shoveling cement mix in stepping stone mold; Richa (left) - Leveling the cement mix Anusha (back) Rucha (front) - Carrying stepping stones to car for Tule Pond installation

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