Help  in Restoring
  Tyson Lagoon


New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) donated $1,000 to Math Science Nucleus  for their efforts in putting together an environmentally focused community service project on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2008. “The effort  was a great partnership” said Joyce Blueford, Math Science Nucleus’s board president. “NUMMI team members and their families worked very hard in restoring the Tule Ponds, a local wildlife habitat.”   

“It’s a unique opportunity for NUMMI to give back to our community and help the environment,” said Kent Ogura, president and CEO of NUMMI. “We are glad to donate our time and money to a great cause.”  More than 40 NUMMI employees and their families volunteered for a half day of hard work. Volunteer tasks included clearing overgrown paths, pruning willow trees, trimming native plants, and mulching in a butterfly meadow. “Partnerships like the one with NUMMI help make educating the community possible,” said Blueford. “Math Science Nucleus' mission is to provide a place where teachers and students can learn about the local ecosystem. And large projects like this one really help.”

extension of butterfly meadow  (before) cleaned and ready for irrigation and plants (after)

NUMMI, a joint venture of General Motors and Toyota Motor Corporation, helped change the automobile industry by introducing the Toyota Production System and team-based working environment to the United States. As part of its effort to support the communities where its employees reside, NUMMI stages two major volunteer work days each year.  One focuses on environmental causes, the other on community and social causes. As the only automobile manufacturing plant in California, NUMMI and its team members are committed to serving the community.

left to right  Naoki Kojima (Vice President, NUMMI), Joyce Blueford (Math Science Nucleus)   Kent Ogura (President and CEO, NUMMI) Bob McCullough (Vice President, NUMMI)


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