Spring Time Tule!
March 22, 2008 (Saturday)


Over 200 people joined us at Tule Ponds to celebrate the spring season. They walked around the mystical wetlands and visited 5 exhibits.  Adults and children learned how to grow native plants;  how to keep our water ways in Fremont clean; why worms are important; how to identify tadpoles; and how to identify fresh water microorganisms.  Children earned points with our nature passport game and took home nature prizes.
Anisha Mistry (green shirt) explains Storm Water flow in Fremont using a model from City of Fremont, Environmental Services.  Dorel Baca, tour guide is to her left Children learn the life cycle of the yellow-legged frog, a threatened species, that resides along the creek entering Tyson Lagoon

Anisha Mistry, a senior at Irvington High School completed her Quest Project by explaining to people the importance of keeping waterways clean of debris.  Other volunteers included Michael Pacheo, Shelty Long, Jeffrey Surban, Andrea Tong, Chioma Ajawara, CJ Ajawara, Andrea Valdez, Kevin Wong, and about  8 other students.

walking along the BART jungle looking at an outflow that brings water to San Francisco Bay one of the informational areas


Sponsored by 

Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District  
Math Science Nucleus
City of Fremont, Environmental Services