October 31, 2009  (Saturday)

Activities for the family included:

  •  Make a trick a treat bag and earn a prize

  •  Listen to the Sprit story of Tyson Lagoon and look inside a Tule Hut

  • Look for bones and learn about how owls "burp" them up and earn a prize

  • Dissect pumpkin seeds to learn how plants reproduce  and earn a prize

Families can treat themselves to a different type of Halloween.  Gather around the Tule Hut and listen to stories of the "Spirits of Tyson Lagoon."  They can earn treats by going to the different stations and learn about nature at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon.  They can pick bones from owl pellets and learn how wildlife biologist use the bones to help determine the food chain.  They can also learn how seeds germinate by dissecting different pumpkin seeds.  Before they start they will make their own nature trick and treat bag, so they can collect prizes and they learn about nature at Tule Ponds.

Sponsored by 
Math Science Nucleus
Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District