California Red Legged Frog Rana aurora draytonii 


Rana aurora is 3-6 cm  length. It is reddish brown to gray and contains many poorly defined dark specks and blotches, which are absent on the back and top of its head.  They have thick, rough skin, and light centered spots on its dorsal surface



Yellow Legged Frog Rana boylei 


These frogs are usually 3-6 cm in length. They generally have a small, broad head, and are brownish or gray in coloration with indistinct black markings on the body and limbs. The under surfaces of this frog are yellowish or whitish, the yellow under surface of the thigh giving this species its common name.


Pacific Chorus Frog,  Pacific Tree Frog Pseudacris regilla 



This frog is small, ranging from 2-4 cm in length.  It has large toe pads but limited webbing of the feet.  Its color ranges from tran to black and often has dark spots present on their back and legs.  Adult males have a dark and wrinkled throat. 


Picture by John Sullivan


Western toad  Bufo boreas 

The Western Toad has a light colored stripe that runs down the length of its back.  Its color ranges from gray to green or brown with darker spots.  The toad is most active at night during the summer but diurnal during the winter.   Like most toads they bury into loose soil or hide in other burrows when inactive.

California newt Taricha torosa 



These large salamanders can reach a length of 15 centimeters.  They have warty skin that is not as slimy as most salamanders.  Their color varies fromlight brown to black with a characteristic yellow to orange belly.  These newts are very poisonous, so it is not advised to handle them.  If you do, wash  your hands before touching your eyes or mouth.


Arboreal  Salamander Aneides lugubris 

This salamander is purplish-brown with gold or yellow spots on its dorsal side. 


Picture by C. Brown


California Slender Salamander Batrachoseps attenuatus 



A salamander that is very thin with a dark brown back.  They have small black vertebral chevrons with black sides and belly.  Their eyes are large, with a diameter that is equal to distance between eye and snout tip. Limbs are very tiny, with small digits that may require magnification to be seen.  They are about 6 cm in length.