Designing, Constructing, and Installing 
Informational Signs along Mission Creek

Wayne Hsu
Boy Scout Troop 132

My Eagle Project was to build six posts along Mission Creek with signs teaching walkers along the creek about the environment there. The signs included information such as the pools and ripples in the creek. The project required us to make the posts and boards that the signs go on, and then to go to the creek path and dig the holes that the posts will go in. Although this project took longer than expected, it was worth it when it was completed.

Wayne shows finished sign showing Pools and Ripples. This station is one of 6 and shows the path of Mission Creek after it leaves this area.

Thanks to those who helped on the project:

Students: Matt Andersen (Troop 125), David Carrera (Troop 132), Anderson Chang (Troop 125), Jennifer Chang, Shirfeng Chang, Eric Hsu (Troop 132), Allen Ko (Troop 468), Brian Lin, Amanda Ren, Irene Tang, Phillip Tran (Troop 132), Kendrick Wang, Kevin Wickramasekara (Troop 125), Brian Wihl, Jason Yu

Adults: Dr. Joyce Blueford, Emily Chang, Teng-Tai Hsu, Meilan Liu