1999 Raia Mini Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the following first place winners from each participating class for their wonderful essays on
"Why Science is Important."
Thank you to everyone who submitted an essay

PS 8
Staten Island, NY

Kristyn Mohr
Jeremy Mustakas
Matthew Barone
Tamisha Edwards

 PS 21
Staten Island, NY

Jaden Munoz
Elizabeth Proctor
 PS 23
Staten Island, NY

Thomas Capelonga
Corinne Spano
Anthony Collica
Tiffany Farriella
Bianca Ramos

PS 32
Staten Island, NY

Sal Celano
Nicole Parisi
Victoria Simoncini
Michele Christensen
Dylan DeCesare

PS 50
Staten Island, NY

Kristin Lenihan
Shannon Olson
Kristina Doyle
Samantha Martinex

   Here’s a sample of some of our winning essays and artworks:

Tiffany  Farriella
PS 23

Science is important because without it there would be questions never answered.  I am very interested in space.  I would never get my questions answered if we didn't have rocket ships going to space.  If we didn't have science we would never have the technology to make the tools that make the rocket ships.  We also have the extraordinary machines that fly up to space and take pictures of everything that's happening there.  Science helps us answer questions like "are there things living on Mars?" Or "How does it feel to be on the moon?"  These are some of the questions I have and with science I can get answers.
Dylan DeCesare
 PS 32

Science is important for you and me
from micro chips to chemistry.
Dip the sodium add some chlorophyll
it's not poisonous, it won't kill
See the stars, review Mars
Believe me when I say this
they're a lot better than chocolate bars
Did you ever dissect a frog
Or maybe a big fat hog
Last time I did that
my stomach had a clog
In science you need many tools
And everyone knows that
Science Rules!

Shannon Olson
PS 50

Science is important for many reasons.  Through science we have scientists who have found cures for some diseases and medicine for other.  We use science everyday without even thinking about it.  We use science every time we use electricity or water.  We even use science when we cook.  When we are sick doctors use science to decide how much medicine to take and pharmacists use science to mix it. Whether people use science to predict the weather.

Because of science we have computers and video games.  We have heat for our houses and stoves also because of science.  One big reason I think science is important is because my little brother has Down Syndrome and because of science we knew why he had Down Syndrome.  Because of science some day there will be a cure for Aids and cancer and other diseases.  Science is used to make things we use everyday.  Things like cleaners and detergents.  Things we play with are made of science like paint and crayons.  Even things we don't think about are made through scientific research like plastic.  Scientists found out how to recycle to help the ecology.  There are so many things that we have or know about because of science. New things are being found everyday.