2011 Catherine Raia Mini Scholar Essay Winners

Congratulations to the following first place winners from each participating class for their wonderful essays on
"Why Science is Important"

PS 8 PS 21 PS 23 PS 32 PS 50
Brigit Kain
Tyler Wagner
Ashley Flynn
Noelia Guzman
Fernaondo Dony Garcia Neri
Victor Martinez
Chiann Gates
John Giarrusso
Peter DeLaurentis
Madison Matteo
Victoria Figueroa
Maria Strantzis
Nicco Barlie
Kemal Aziz
Mark Baloyan
Nicole Puglissi
Caitlyn Godoy
Sri Anvitha Yalamanchi
Meghan Olsen

Christopher Hamm, PS 8
Samantha Shakhuoros, PS 8
Sarah Connors, PS 50
Esra Mucahit, PS 32
Danny Navarro, PS 21


PS 8

Why is Science Important by Ashley Flynn, PS 8, Mrs. Christiansen


            Science is everywhere in our world Science is a part of our everyday lives and without it we would not be able to do simple things like checking the weather, cooking, gardening, going on the computer, making a phone call, watching television, etc.

            Science is very important in our lives and in the world as we know it. Without science we would not have many of the inventions that we have today. Some of these things are: mobile phones, remote controls, home computers, television, etc. Science is also very important in medical needs. Science helps in the study of diseases and medicines to help cure the people in need. Science also helps us learn things about our environment, like what causes pollution and how it affects us. It also helps us learn about the earth, oceans, the moon and sun, etc.

            There is so much to learn through science and it is very important in our lives and everything we do. Science is about asking questions and finding the answers through studies and testing. The things that I have learned through science have helped me learn a lot about our world and how things work. It is definitely my favorite subject.


Why is Science Important by Brigit Kain, PS 8, Ms. Anselmo


Science is in every part of our everyday lives. Science is in the medicines we take to keep us healthy. Science is behind the tools and gadgets that we use to make our lives faster, simpler, and easier. And the information that we get to help us make decisions each day often comes from science.

Medicines are science. Scientist work very hard to figure out how to create lifesaving medicines. They experiment with plants and do many tests to create medicines. They experiment with plants and do many tests to create medicines that sick people could take no matter where they live. Babies get vaccinations to protect them from future diseases. There are people who rely on medicine every single day to stay alive, like people with heart conditions or diabetes.

Then there are people who need medicine for a short time to cure them like taking antibiotics when you have strep throat or like my dad who needed chemotherapy to get rid of cancer.

            Science is behind lights, computers, microwaves, phones, televisions, cars, and all the incredible technology that people count on every day now. Many of these things are a luxury and they didn’t exist years ago. But these inventions give people a way to do more, learn more, get places faster, and communicate with each other very quickly and easily. Science makes our world a smaller place. We spend less time getting to places and spend more time just being there. Even if we’re not traveling, we can communicate with each other. We can communicate with family and friends who live across ocean. They aren’t so far away anymore thanks to science. And science makes us smarter. WE can learn anything we want in our own homes anytime of the day or night thanks to lights and computers. Even the electricity that powers things is science.

            Science even helps us decide what to wear every day. Meteorology is the science that studies the atmosphere. Meteorologists use science to predict what the weather will be like. Just knowing if you might need an umbrella or mittens after school helps a person get prepared for the day.

            Sometimes people take science for granted. But science has become a part of our day to day life. Discoveries in science might keep some people alive. Science might just make our day easier. Science keeps us connected.



Why is Science Important by Tyler Wagner, PS 8, Mrs. Piacentino


            Science is important to me because you will learn about the world, minerals, and power. Also you can learn about animals and diseases.

            The world is made up of science, like trees, bushes, and plants. And if we didn’t have electricity, we wouldn’t have TV, video games, or computers. Science is a very important subject in school and will be with us forever.

PS 21

Why is Science Important by Noelia Guzman, PS 21, Mrs. DeLuca


            It was the 1600’s, there was a girl, and she didn’t have a hub so her mom told her to get water from the river. The girl’s mom didn’t have a stove so she had to make fire and find food to cook. The girl didn’t have light so she has a candle. The girl didn’t have a phone to communicate so she had to put smoke in the air to communicate. The girl didn’t have laundry so she had to wash her clothes in the river. The girl said…”Mom it’s hard without science”. See how science is important.


Why is Science Important by Victor Martinez, PS 21, Mrs. Pascoe


            Science is important to me because science is what we call “life”. Science is all around us, everyday since the Earth was created millions of years ago. Unlike other subjects like reading, math, social studies, and physical education, science makes everything in life possible. Science is huge wide and very mysterious. It goes from the hot iron core of this planet to the end of the universe. Lots of mysteries are unsolved and scientist work day in and day out to increase our knowledge of the most historical subject. If you chose to be a scientist what will you do? There are so many things to do like being a paleontologist or an archaeologist. Think big, bigger, bigger, bigger! Name on thing that has been on earth since the beginning of time. It’s plants! Their adaptions and unique way of surviving in this eat-eat world have allowed them to survive all these. How do they do it all? Their so mysterious yet so plentiful. What about molecules so that makes us even more clueless! In conclusion science is life. Life is life. Life is everything. Since science is life, science is everything.


Is Science Important? by Fernando Dony Garcia Neri, PS 21, Mrs. Morton


Characters: Mrs. Morton, Julio, Itzel, Michael, Mrs. Doyal, Fernando, Carlos, Eric


Scene 1: Entering the classroom from gym.

Mrs. Morton - Okay class get ready for science class.

Julio - Oh man science class that’s boring.

Itzel – No, it’s not. It’s fun.

Michael – Yes, science class.


Scene 2: Going into science class

Mrs. Doyle – Okay class, take a seat. Today we talking about why science is important. Does anyone have a question or an opinion about why science is important.

Julio – My opinion for science is that it’s boring and we don’t really use science for everything we do.

Mrs. Doyle – Well, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Julio – A professional soccer player.

Mrs. Doyle – Scientists need to find out the length and width of the field. Also te shoes scientists need to find out the weight of the ball to find out how far it kicks.

Julio – Cool.

Mrs. Doyle – Moving on, can anyone tell me why science is important? Fernando?

Fernando – Science is important because without science there would be no technology and electricity. We wouldn’t be able to watch TV, play video games, or even play on the computer.

Mrs. Doyle – Perfect, anyone else? Eric?

Eric – Think about all the cars; we would have to walk miles to get somewhere. We would get all tired. Also sports, everyone loves sports. We wouldn’t get exercise without sports.

Mrs. Doyle – Good anyone else? Carlos.

Carlos – Think about reduce, reuse, recycle. We would be living in junk and we wouldn’t be able to go outside and play without stepping in garbage.

Mrs. Doyle – That’s all we have for today.


Scene 3: Entering Classroom

Mrs. Morton – How was science class.

Class – It was great!


Scene 4: The next day entering classroom.

Mrs. Morton – Our first subject is science.

Class – We love science!

PS 23

Why is Science So Important by Chiann Gates, PS 23, Mrs. Bowers


Science is important because we have many things such as transportation. You can get to places in minutes, or hours by car instead of riding a horse, like in the olden days. Science gives us technology. Technology gives us computers, cell phones, TVs, and entertainment. Plants give us oxygen, food, and medicine. Medicine helps cure diseases and keeps you healthy, you won’t get very sick. Electricity is all around us. It gives us many things such as: lights to help us see in the dark, heaters to keep us warm, and wires to help us charge things that we need. And that’s why I think science is important. I don’t know what we would do without science. 


Why is Science So Important by Madison Matteo, PS 23, Mrs. Berlinger


Science is our future,

It’s everything around us.

Science is everything you were.

Science is everything you will be.

It is your future,

And your past.

Science takes you on journeys,

Far from reality.

But yet really,

It is reality.

Science is historic discovery,

Always learning more,

Always changing,

Never ending.

It makes mistakes,

But never gives up.

Science is our future.

It’s everything around us.

Sometimes makes mistakes,

But never fails to succeed,

In trying again.


Why is Science Important by Peter Delaurentis, PS 23, Mrs. Christie


Science is cool;

Best subject in school.

We learn something new every day.

Science will blow you away.


You learn about oxygen and also plants.

You also learn about insects, such as ants.

Scientists predict weather like rain or hail.

They are so smart, they never fail!


Science makes technology like computers and laptops.

If it weren’t for science we wouldn’t have shoes or flip-flops.

We learn about planets in outer space.

They’re trying to find new planets, they’re on the case.


Why is Science Important by John Giarrusso, PS 23, Mrs. Romano


Science has improved the world for hundreds of years. Without science we wouldn’t have a lot of the things we have today. Because of science we have learned a lot of information that helps us. Science has improved our lifestyle in many ways. In my essay I will tell you what science has done.

            Scientists have figured out medicines to help people who are sick. Another way science has helped us in that scientists made machines and technology. It has given us cars, computers, TV, and entertainment. Science is also important because we got electricity. Electricity powers our homes, lights, and technology. Science also helps us learn and use plants. We learned that plants give us oxygen and medicine. We were able to improve food quality with plants. Science also helps us learn about animals. For example, we know that bees pollinate flowers. Science is also important because it helps us predict the weather. The earthquake and tsunami in Japan was terrible. However, scientists can use the data to predict earthquakes and tsunamis. Scientists will also look at the moons effects on tsunamis. This is why science is important today. This will help save lives in the future. Science also helps us explore the sea, space, and planet.

            Science has given us so many things that help us in our everyday lives. That is why science is so important. I hope I have convinced you that science is very important today and in the future.  

PS 32

Why is Science Important by Maria Strantzis, PS 32, Mrs. Kisver


            Science is important because science is everywhere. Science provides us with a logical, factual, and rational explanation of the world around us. Science is so huge that it has to be divided down into many categories. One could spend a lifetime studying one small aspect such as microbiology or astrophysics. Advances in science since the earliest days of mankind have brought us to this point in civilization we are in today. From the discoveries of fire, electricity, manned flight, atomic energy, and about a million other things like computers, and Wikipedia. Advances in science have kept us as humans moving forward and to the future. Science holds the keys to tomorrow. Man landed on the moon in 1969, since then, new sciences are emerging that suggest possible colonizing Mars in the centuries to come.

            Look at it another way, science may be our salvation from something like an asteroid on its way to earth. Think of everything in daily life we see, smell, touch, hear, and taste. They all have some kind of science to do with it. This is why science is and always will be important to everyone!




Why is Science Important by Nicco Barile, PS 32, Mrs.Kling


            Why science is important is because science is a part of our everyday life, and to the way in which we live without science we would be missing out on different inventions. For school the three main consists of biology, physics, and chemistry. Science is really about asking questions and finding out the answers through study, testing and trial and error. Science is also important because without it we would not be able to enjoy many of the luxuries we have around us today. That is what I think science is all about.



Science is All Around Us! by Victoria Figueroa, PS 32, Mrs. Silver


            Without study of science mankind would not achieve going to the moon, curing diseases, making life more comfortable by invention. In addition, science, the study of earth and the solar system, helps us every day. The scientist tells us about the current storms, earthquakes, and more that happens on earth. Science invented the laser to remove cataracts in eyes. Science invented many ways to cure lots of things. Science is very important for everything around us, and our human body for difference types of cures.

PS 50

Our Earth and So Much More by Meghan Olsen, PS 50, Ms. Wholberg


            Science is important because we need to know about our planet. We need to know about how our earth was formed, and about things that live on it. For example we need to learn about animals, plants, and animals that live on planet earth. We also need to know about exotic creatures that once walked the earth. We need science to do many things; we need science o do mostly everything. We are learning science in school because it will help us now and when we grow up. We need it to get jobs, and to basically live. Science is used in many things like: jobs, cooking, learning, and so much more. We need science to succeed.


The Importance of Science by Sri Anvitha Yalamachi, PS 50, Ms. Ciazzo


            Science is important because without it you wouldn’t know much. You wouldn’t know how the Earth was formed. You wouldn’t know about the layers of the Earth (the crust, mantle, inner core, and outer core). Most important nobody would have a clue about the UNIVERSE!

            Science is important because without it we wouldn’t have very many inventions. Numbers would be just number; you wouldn’t do anything with them. Science is important because without it we wouldn’t know much about the past when no humans were around.

            Science is also important because without it you wouldn’t know how things really worked. For example the Greek thought a god was holding the sky. This is why science is very important!


Science Spins by Caitlyn Godon, PS 50, Ms. Rappaport


            Science spins 365 days a year. If it wasn’t for science, Earth would be a bare planet, and maybe we would live on Mars, Jupiter or maybe Neptune. Science is how human bodies can live on earth and how we adapt to our environment. Science is the invention of technology like: computers, television, and light. Our whole world uses technology. Science spins the Earth round; US, England, Canada, Europe, all across the world. Science is how doctors find cures for cancer, flu, hives, and more to make you feel better. Science really does spin if you’re talking about a carousel. A carousel was invented by science. The movements come from science. Have you ever thought how you stay on the ground? It’s because of gravity. Gravity holds us down, but not in space. In space gravity still exists but there is no land to stay on. It is only a black place of darkness. That’s why when an astronaut goes to space he doesn’t have much control his body. So science spins worldwide over the world.


Why is Science Important by Nicole Puglissi, PS 50, Mr. Rielly


            Science is important because science is everywhere, and is involved with all parts of life. Science is a mystery. It includes wonders about all things and how and why they work. Research has been done for hundreds of years and will continue for many more years to come. Through science people have learned so much about cures for diseases and how to help people live longer.

            Science helps us learn about Mother Nature and the earth we live on. Through science we have learned about natural disasters like: earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, and storms. We learned more about what causes storms and were thunder and lightning comes from. Rocks have been around for millions of years and because of science we know how they were formed and life that exists millions years ago. For example, fossils taught us about dinosaurs and plants and other forms of life on earth. The things we’ve learned through science helped make our life easier; as people continue to learn more about our past, present and future.


Miracle of Science by Mark Baloyan, PS 50, Ms.Mantine


            Science is important because it is used to live, to discover, and explore. Science is used for advanced technology for a better future. Without science room would be caves. Microwaves would be fires.

            Did you know science is a religion? Science has created Atheists. Atheists are a community of people who believe in science instead of God.

            Science is all around us, for example this paper. People would write on wood if paper was not here. Another example would be a computer. Without it, people would have to waste paper instead of e-mailing each other. Science is important in many other ways. This concludes that science is very important.


Why is Science Important by Kemal Aziz, PS 50, Mrs. Kranpost


            Science is needed and supports knowledge. Science describes the wonders of our universe. It tells us how things happen around us. It stands to reason that when applying this knowledge to everyday things, humans can grow and develop. This is the synopsis of why science is important.

            Science tells us about the wonders of this world. If we use our information in a productive way, then things can happen. Let’s bring this statement into our world. Isaac Newton has his 3 laws of motion. His third law (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) is used in rocket ships where there’s no air, thus no wings. An inventor (or applied scientist) named Thomas Edison brought many inventions to the world. Imagine his basis science. The modified light bulb, and other inventions (such as phonograph), he applied science.

            To sum this up, science is a “knowledge pool”. Albert Einstein came up with E=MC2. He contributed to this “knowledge pool”. He made paths to nuclear plants (a source of energy) and nuclear medicines. Astronomy, biology, physics, physiology ecology, geology, mathematics, and other sciences are important.