2010 Catherine Raia Mini Scholar Essay Winners

picture by Cole DiGiacoma, PS 8  Ms. Anselmo

Congratulations to the following first place winners from each participating class for their wonderful essays on
"Why Science is Important"

PS 8
Frank Caputo
Kennedy Welle

PS 21
Abubakkar Siddique
Andy Martinez
Fatima Pang

PS 23
Sha-Aeja Morris
Frederick Gualario
Jacqueline Baudanza
Christina Smieya
Ariela Gutman

PS 32
Gabrielle Clavell
David Ip
Sabrina Cheng

PS 50
Zoya Smirnova
Michelle Pathania
Danis Gomez
Cheyenne Georges
Thomas Murray
Kyle Macdonald
Arianna Sabatino, PS 32 Danis Gomez, PS 50 Christina Smieya, PS 23 Wendy Navarra, PS 21

PS 50

 Why Science is Important by Zoya Smirnova, PS 50, Ms. Kranpost

 Welcome to the science rhyme,
Where youíll learn how science improves the world, all the time! 
Everyday of the year,
Your life gets better because science is here. 

Many people have been saved
Because of the knowledge scientists raved.
Medicine and healthcare brings 
An end to diseases and other things.

Science is at work everyday
To improve your health in a safe way. 
If science hadnít brought us electricity,
Many useful things would never be.

Electricity helps us with chores and travel,
But science still has a lot of secrets to unravel. 
We know about nature, thanks to science
(Mother Earth and this study have formed an alliance).

To those who say that plants canít make a change,
It proves they can it.  It tells us to protect and take care of our planet. 
Three cheers for science! Way to go!
It can predict hurricanes and snow.

It tells us when weather will be severe;
In this way it warns us when danger is near.
So do not ignore your wish to learn more;
Science is always waiting for you to explore.

 Why Science is Important by Michelle Pathania, PS 50, Ms. Mantione

Science is very important to our world.  Without science we would not be here.  Can we learn from science? In fact, you can learn so much from science.  Eco-friendly experiments never hurt the environment if you have taken a science class. Could nature be more interesting?  Earth revolves around science!

Why Science is Important by Danis Gomez, PS 50, Ms. Riley

 Science is what makes our lives better; it gives us computers, space flight, airplanes, and more.  Its important to know science because it lives in our lives and its who we are and we learn things like what a fossil is, how its made, what lived a long time ago, and why a magnet attracts to iron and not wood.  Science gives us abilities to fly on a plane, go to outer space, and to have light and water.

 Why is Science Important by Cheyenne Georges, PS 50, Ms. Rappaport

 Science is very important.
Itís in our everyday lives.
Science is very important.
It helps us to survive.

Science is very important.
It keeps us big and strong.
Science is very important.
Itís fun for one and all! 

Science is very important
You learn more and more each day.
Science is very important.
When we learn we say, ďHooray!Ē

Why Science is Important by Thomas Murray, PS 50, Ms. Campo

Science is so important, yet some people take is for granted.  Science is the very structure of human life.  Every tree we climb, every rock we turn, is a part of science.  Saying science is useless is like saying there is no such thing as dinosaurs (which we wouldnít have discovered without archaeologists and scientists). If we didnít have science we would have no knowledge of half the things on Earth and everything outside of it.  Without science we are quivering lobs of nothings.  Magnets, crystals and fossils are all part of the world known as science.

 Why Science is Important by Kyle Macdonald, PS 50, Ms. Watt

 Look around,
What do you see?
Bugs, animals,
And a large decaying tree!

All this is science;
Believe it or not.
From the north to the south,
Everything is science (even your toy robot).

Without science you wouldnít be alive;
Your cat wouldnít either.
Will a dog or turtle live?
The answer is neither!

That is why science is important.
Maybe you didnít think so,
But with no science, no one would be alive;
Not you or your foe.

Thatís why science is important and great.
Itís why you have the cookies on your plate! 

PS 23

 Why Science is Important, by Sha-Aeja Morris, PS 23, Class 5-305

 Science is important to me because it is everywhere.  Colors can change.  Insects are present.. Evaporation is important.  Nature is good.  Center of the earth.  Earth is important because I do not litter on the ground.

 Why Science is Important by Frederick Gualario, PS 23, Class 5-314

 If you think science is a waste of time, well did you know most of our resources came from scientists?  I also think after you read this you will want to do a science project.  Now Iíll stop talking and you start reading.

 Did you know that some science projects are fun like about the earth?  The earth has many, you can study the mantle or the crust; itís really fun.  I did a project on acid rain.  It was very fascinating.  I also did how to make a model car with my sister, which is kind of like a science project.

 So now do you think that science is important?  You do!  Well my work here is done.  And remember, donít touch dangerous animals.

 Why Science is Important by Jacqueline Baudanza, PS 23, Class 5-310

Imagine this.  Youíre all alone in a cold, foggy place.  A blizzard is on and you have not the slightest inkling of where you are or how to stay safe.  You feel lost, hopeless.  Youíre cold, numb, and have a light pair of clothes on.  This is what things could be like without science.  Deaths will be a casual occasion and humanity can end if we donít treat Earth properly.  This teaches you that without science we are nothing.

Science is very important in many other ways too.  For example, technology; if we didnít have technology we wouldnít know how the weather would be like the next day and we can easily get sick without proper clothing.

Another source we need from science is the medicines and health facts so we can treat ourselves the right way.  If youíre severely sick, you would know what to do all because of science.

For now, you see, we canít live without science.  Science is the explanation of why the sun shines and why the wind blows.  Itís how the earth was formed.  Science is a way of life and itís in the air we breathe.  We are a living science called humans. 

Science equals us and always will.

Why Science is Important by Christina Smieya, PS 23, Class 5-311

You might think that science is not fun, but it is way better than math, reading and way more other things.  If you do think that science is not fun, well after you read my essay you will be amazed how much science has done to the earth.  For example, we would not have cars, so we can not get to the mall or any other place as quickly as we can now.  If we did not have electricity, we would have to be in the dark all day long and we can not watch TV or charge DS video games.  By my facts and details now you know how science is important.

Why Science is Important by Ariela Gutman, PS 23, Class 5-223

Science is important because if not for science we would still be chasing mammoths.  It is the study of nature and the universe around us.  If not for science we would not be able to cure diseases, we would not have machines or work and most of all we would still be cavemen/women.

Science is everywhere around us and without it we would be nothing.  From learning how to hunt and gather foods, to learning about space and the planet we live on; science is the basis for all human life.

Throughout history as humans evolved, we have learned more and more through our inventions and discoveries.  We have traveled the world and filled our planet with new technologies.  People like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Charles Darwin, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, and many more have helped us to discover more of science and have helped us advance to where we are today.  They have brought to us the knowledge of electricity, gravity, the speed of light, how to fly, and how to cure the sick.  All these things are a part of science and are part of our everyday lives.  With the discoveries of matter, air, bacteria, nutrition, and technology, we, as a species, have learned how to survive and enjoy the world around us.

Itís preciously stated that science is extremely important.  As you can see, without science we would have never gotten this far.  Without all the discoveries we are making everyday, who knows how far we will be in the future.  With science we have achieved what our ancestors thought of as impossible.  I believe that science is one the most important studies out there and that without we would have never mad it this far.  Our discoveries as a human race have lead to the expansion of our kind and will lead us into the future.

PS 8

Why Science is Important by Frank Caputo, PS 8, Class 5-208

Science is a very important subject.  Without it, we would not know a lot about the world around us.  Some important things science has taught us about: meteors, fossils, space and planets, and the bodyís cells.

Meteors are huge space rocks.  Sometimes they crash into the earth and science lets us see when a meteor is coming so that we can prepare and make sure no one gets hurt.

Fossils are the bones of dinosaurs and other animals from millions of years ago.  They help us learn what dinosaurs looked like.  They also help us learn how humans and other animals evolved.

Why Science is Important by Kennedy Welle, PS 8, Class 5-225

Science is everywhere in todayís world.  It is part of our daily lives, from cooking and gardening to recycling and comprehending the daily weather report, reading maps and using a computer.  Advances in technology and science are transforming our world at and incredible pace.

There is so much excitement that can be generated in children simply by encouraging them to find answers to their own questions.  Through science, children can recognize the power that an inquiring mind can bring to own knowledge of a given subject matter, but in their own ability to communicate with others.  Science should show children how far they could travel with only themselves as their guide.

PS 21

Why Science is Important by Abubakkar Siddique, PS21, Mrs. Morton

Every day the chances are you are as busy as a bee.  Youíre so busy that you donít notice what science can do. For example every day we turn on and off our light switch without amazement. We humans think light can brighten up things, but thatís not true, Light can bring a plant to life! Electricity can power an entire house! Every day of your life you probably watch TV, but you never even consider how science made TV happen.

Most people donít notice how many scientists we encounter on a daily basis. There are scientists in hospitals, there are scientists in laboratories, working as engineers, or working as astronauts. Now that I have told you this, stop and think of a world without scienceÖ What did you envision? A quiet world with no electricity, sick and unhealthy people? Can I just ask you one more questionÖWhen was the last time you thought of the world as science?

Why Science is Important by Andy Martinez, PS 21, Class 5-201

Science is important because of the discovery of electricity.  Electricity allows TVís to work and also cars.  If we lived in the 1600ís it would be awful.  No video games or cell phones!

I couldnít live for even one day if there were no video games or TV.  We would have to walk to school.  We would have to do chores!  Also I could not play with my Wii.  My life is great with science.

We are lucky to have science!  I am so grateful to all the scientists who work to create the technology which allows me to have fun on a daily basis.  Thank you science!

Why Science is Important by Fatima Pang, PS 21, Class 5-202

Science is the world to me. 
Without science we wouldnít have trees,

Nor flowers, nor roses, nor bushes, nor rain. 
Without science the world would be plain.

Imagine the street lights, the cars, and the roads.
Heavy trucks coming with heavy truck loads.

The world would plain, yes, I agree.
That is why science is the world to me.

Make a hypothesis; itís just a little guess.
Try an explosion; it can sometimes make a mess.

Make your conclusion; your hypothesis can be wrong.
Science is so fun you can even make a song.

Science is important, yes, I agree.
Science is important, wonít you tell me!

PS 32

Why Science is Important by Gabrielle Clavell, PS32, Mrs. Tichio

Science is everywhere in todayís world.  Science is part of our daily livers, from cooking, gardening, recycling, the daily weather report, to reading a map, and using a laptop or computer.  Advances in technology and science are transforming our world.  Scientists are an important part of the future of our world.  Without them, we would not be able to predict the weather or earthquakes or how to cure illnesses and take care of the sick.  We wonít even have many of the products today.  That is why science is important.

Why Science is Important by Sabrina Cheng, PS 32, Mrs. Kling

Science is everywhere ad it affects us every day.  Your digital alarm click, asphalt you drive on, bus ride, weather report, cell phones, how clean water comes to your faucet, and light.  All of this exists because of science. Without all of our inventions and discoveries through science, we would still be in the dark middle ages.  Science has changed our life and made it better.  In the 1700s Benjamin Franklin has been studying static and lightening. Alessandro Volta made the first battery. Volta also was studying the relationship between electricity and magnetism. This has given us a better understanding of electricity, how we carry our voice over telephone lines, how our entertainment comes to our television, and how we keep out light in. All of this is from science.

The 1st completely synthetic plastic was made by a chemist in the early 1900s. Chemistry developed a wide variety of plastic well suited for many different jobs from blocking bullets to slicker dental floss. Plastic is used in almost everything. We use plastic in everyday of our lives

In the 1940s, biologists developed a high yield of varieties of corn, wheat, and rice. Chemists made fertilizers and pesticides. This dramatically increased the amount of food harvested in single field. Fertilizers and pesticides were all discovered through science.

Science is used every day, is everywhere, and it affects us greatly.  Science is very important to our everyday lives. In 1800, scientists and doctors came up with a theory-diseases were caused by germs. In 1920 a biologist discovered the first antibiotic eradication of small pox to prevention of nutritional deficiencies to success treatment for once deadly infections. The impact medicine had on global health was powerful. With no science, people alive today would have died of diseases that are now easily treated. You see, without science who would have known medicine existed? Now with science and medicine people can live long healthy lives with science, scientists have discovered that washing your hands can prevent the spread of germs.

About a century ago, diagnosis of juvenile diabetes was almost a certain death sentence. If you were affected you rarely lived more than a few years. Through science insulin was discovered in the early 1920s. Now diabetics can live a long life.

In 1928 Alexander Flemingís research has gone bad- moldy. He noticed it was growing white fluff. Not only was it slowing down bacteria, it was exploding it. It kills the bacteria that might cause Strep throat, staph infections, pneumonia, syphilis, or gonorrhea. 

The ozone layer shields us from damaging ultraviolet rays. In 1985 a chink in the ozone layer was discovered over Antarctica. If scientists didnít know about the ozone layer we would have died from DNA damage and skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays. We wouldnít have known that chlorofluorocarbon, or CFCs (human made chemical) from air conditioning and aerosol propellants are destroying molecules in the ozone layer. In 1990 policy makers from 93 countries went to London to sign a treaty to phase out all CFCs by 2000.

Science uses a combination of observation, intuition, theory, hypothesis, experiments, and analysis. All of these are ways to observe our world. All of these were discovered through science. What do you think would happen if science didnít exist? We wouldnít know how to prepare to stay safe from natural disasters; we wouldnít know how our universe existed or the other planets. We wouldnít know how to stay healthy, clean, or protect ourselves. We wouldnít have any electricity, electronics, or running water. Science is important in life. ITís a big pat of our lives. This is why science is important.

Why Science is Important by David Ip, PS 32, Mrs. Kisver

Science is important because it is part of our everyday lives and it plays an important role. We are always learning form science- when we have a problem we form a hypothesis, from the hypothesis we test out our theory through experiments and observations, then we reach a conclusion. With the conclusion, we apply the findings and have and answer to the question.

Science is critical in the medical field, without science, we will have no vaccines, medicine, lifesaving surgeries and cancer treatments.

Science is significant in the underwater, and warns us of tsunamis and earthquakes. Without science, tsunamis and earthquakes can wipe out an entire island or county. It also helps us understand how the sea life is formed and what we need to do in order to preserve our environment. Lastly, we can use science to learn about our environment. We see the harm pollution can cause (greenhouse effect, cancer and ozone layer). In conclusion, science is definitely important for us to live in a better environment.