2009 Catherine Raia Mini Scholar Essay Winners

picture by  Stefania Vaccaro PS23  Mrs. Romano

Congratulations to the following first place winners from each participating class for their wonderful essays on
"Why Science is Important"

PS 8
Kyle Gonzales
Jared Ciccarolli
Robert Ronacher
Nicole Zito

PS 16
Dominique Bright
Kashaf Syar
Nada Basoury

PS 21
Cindy Flores
Tanaisha Brown
Andrea Moodie

PS 23
Patrick Maruffi
Karlee DeVito
Michael Piccolino
Justina Capparelli
Jose Vasquez

PS 32
Christian Rivera
Jonathon Hlad
Wilson Woo
Robert Grant

PS 50
Pamela Stavrakos
 Carl Cruz-Holden
Nicholas Labarbera
Kyle Austin
Franki Scarangello, PS 8 Paul Galati PS 32 Martin Mooney, PS21

PS 8

Why Science is Important by Kyle Gonzales, PS 8,  Class 5-208

Science is important for many reasons.  Science helps unlock the doors to many area of exploration.  With the help from science we are able to find the answers to many questions and the solutions to many problems.  For instance, we have been able to find the cure for many illnesses.  There was a time when people would die from something as common as a cold, infection or the flu.  Thanks to science and medicine we can prevent such incidents.

Science has also allowed us to explore space.  Not only can we travel through our skies but we can go to the moon and to other planets.  The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see what we have yet to discover.

Is there life in a galaxy that we have yet to discover?  Is there a planet in another galaxy that has similar resources to Earth’s?  With Science we have learned a great deal about ourselves, animals and plant life on our planet.  Science is an amazing tool that continues to provide the answers to all the questions that we have.  It is truly the key to probing the unknown.  With science the possibilities are endless. 

Why Science is Important by Jared Ciccarolli,  PS 8, Class 5-225

Science is important in many different ways.  It plays a role in our lives every single day.  From the time we get up until we go to bed, we use science in different ways.

One main way we need science is to help us predict the weather.  Many more people would have been hurt in past natural disasters, if scientists hadn’t warned them.  We use weather prediction everyday to help us dress properly.

Without science we would not be able to know what happened in the past.  We would not know how the Earth was formed.  Without science we would not have shelters or electricity.  We would not be able to play video games ot watch television.  We would not know how to play sports because we wouldn’t know how to make the equipment.  There would be no thing to do every day.

Science also plays an important role in the exploration of space.  Scientists also created space probes and satellites that can explore farther than any human will and can go.

Without science we would not know how old we are.  There would be no days, months or years.  Because of science we can understand how we get older so we can take good care of ourselves.

Scientists have found ways to use different medicines to help us when we are sick.  Anyone who got hurt or sick would be at risk of dying without medicine.  Doctors use science everyday when they write prescriptions or perform operations.  The instruments they use are created with the technology of science.

 Science is used in our everyday lives when we drive our cars to school, to do math and even sharpen our pencils.  Music would be gone.  When we play our instruments, it involves science.  Science helped us create books and schools to educate us.  Everything that is fun would never be here like water and amusement parks.  Cell phones would not have been invented.  Good bye to texting and talking for hours.  We also wouldn’t know how to make clothing.

Our everyday lives depend on science and the scientists who shape our world.  The last thing is if there we no science, I wouldn’t be writing this report on “Why Science Is Important”. 

Why Science is Important by Robert Ronacher, PS 8, Class 5-207

Science is important because it answers many questions.  These questions are answered by different fields of science like biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, engineering and geology.  Scientists can prove things that we don’t know.  Without science we would not have the advanced equipment and technology we have today.

Scientists have been creating, studying, testing and producing information to make lives easier, for example medicine, non-gasoline cars, weapons, new planets and solar panels.  These things scientists have created help us with our daily living.  One example  of how scientists have helped, is with the study of cancer.  They have created chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  These treatments help cancer patients to have a greater chance of surviving.  However, even though these treatments help, they are not a cure.

Scientists also have helped with global warming.  In recent years, they have developed turbines that can be used with water to create energy.  They have put underwater turbines in the Hudson River to power up to eight thousand homes in New York City.  Initially they were worried that it may harm the fish in the river; however they do not move as fast as the turbines so they are fine  The most important discovery is the solar panel.  The sun hits the solar panel creating energy to power homes, so people don’t have to use as much electricity.

In conclusion, science is very important in helping to create a better place to live.  Even though science has invented many things, there are still many other questions to be answered.  If scientists did not attempt research, we wouldn’t have all the things we do today.

Why Science is Important by Nicole Zito,  PS 8, Class 5-223

Science is important because we depend on it so much!  It helps us to develop technology and improve our quality of life.  Through science we observe the world around us through observation, intuition, theory, hypothesis, experimentation and analysis.  We can look at environmental issues, pollution, public health, the effect on disappearing species on the ecosystem, toxic emissions and weather changes.

At the very heart of science are these words “I think, I wonder and I understand” spoken by Mae C. Jemison, the first African American astronaut?  There would be no moving forward in our lives if science was not used, just look at how far we have come in the last fifty years.  It is amazing how fast technology keeps moving, it seems that as soon as something comes out, it is already being improved upon.  The different types of science teach us things. 

Physics, for example, teaches us how mirrors work, how glasses aid one’s vision and how heat is treated by various household materials such as plates and utensils.  Chemistry helps us understand the principles of matter like atoms, molecules and compounds.  Atoms make up the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe and the medicines we need to live.  Then there is biology, the study of life teaches us why we are the way we are, what we need to survive, and how things are categorized.

Excellence in science can open many doors.  Many jobs require a background in science from engineering to dentistry.  Science is just that important!  It is not just about getting a good grade, it is so much more.  Could you even imagine not having science in your life?

From the food you eat to the technology in our homes, it is everywhere and it is always advancing.  So I feel you should try to have fun with it, because it is a very big part of your life.  It can also be fun and rewarding when you learn about the things going on around you.  We can never understand everything there is to know about science, there is so much of it and things can change so much, so fast, but we must always keep trying in this never ending search for the truth.     


Why Science is Important by Dominique Bright, PS 16, Class 5-205A

Science is very important.  If we didn’t have science we probably wouldn’t understand half of the things that go on in the world.  If they didn’t do science in school I wouldn’t know anything about mountain ranges, plateaus, energy, recycling and nutrition.  Science can be fun like experimenting with chemicals and dissecting frogs.  If they didn’t teach science I wouldn’t recycle.  I would pollute the air and throw all of my trash on the floor.  That is why I think science is so important to all of us.

Why Science is Important by Kashaf Syar, PS 16, Class 5-303A

We need science to understand things and make the world a better place to live.  We need it to know how the world was made and make sure the myths about the world are fake.  We need it to know how the dinosaurs became extinct and make the world a better place to live in.  We need it to know how the plants were like before humans came to life.  We need it to look beyond what we see to discover things we have never seen.  We need it to make new discoveries of the Earth’s treasures which are everywhere.  We need it to make sure the plants are safe and are no harmed in any way.  We need it to protect the human body from diseases.  We need it to take of ‘mother earth’ and make sure it doesn’t get hurt.  We need it to get rid of germs and make our bodies as clean as possible.  We have had many discoveries just because of science.  That is why I think science is important.

Why Science is Important by Nada Basoury,  PS 16, Class 5-208

I think the reason science is important is because it gives people important information.  Also science touches about everything in your life.  It is about rocks, food, countries, volcanoes and the Earth.  Everything you think in science and since especially now important because old people did not have things like now.  Science can tell you if you are right or wrong when choosing your food, if you are sick or choosing anything.  Learning about your skin, your senses, digestive system, circulatory system, and skeletal system all have to do with science. Learning about everything in your body that is why science is import

PS 21

Why Science is Important by Cindy Flores, PS21, Ms. Pascoe, Class 5-201

Science is a tool for problem solving that uses what you already know to find out what you don’t know.  By that I mean that you hold the key to your own education.  You can use the skills and knowledge you acquire this year in science to help you solve everyday problems.  Foe example, when we investigate electricity you’ll be asked to make an electrically driven speaker and a small electrical motor.  There will be few instructions on how to complete the task, but you and your team will use your knowledge of electric theory to experiment, construct and test prototype models.  That is just one of the projects you’ll have to complete.  There are many other activities and investigations that I have planned for you this year.  However, you’ll soon find out that your success in science is primarily based upon how well you can observe and investigate your surrounding world.  In addition, as a scientist, you must ask questions gather facts, hypothesize, plan and conduct experiments. 

 Why Science is Important by Tanaisha Brown, PS21, Mrs. De Luca, Class 5-202

 Can you imagine the world without science?  There would be no cure for sick people.  .  Doctors wouldn’t be able to help us.  We wouldn’t have cars.  Life would suck.  Science is important because it’s a part of everyday life.  We need to have good science skills.  We should all know how to grow plants, tell temperature and about lights.  Electricity has to do with every life resources.  Electricity is a big part of life, because you need light in your home.  Science is important to a lot of people.  That’s something everyone should know.  Maybe if everyone knew about science it would change the world.

 Why Science is Important by Andrea Moodie, PS21, Mrs.Morton, Class 5-203

There are many reasons science is important.  Some of the main reasons are the weather, global warming, medicine and more.  Science is important to health.  It is important to health because there is no cure for HIV or cancer.  Scientists need to keep on trying to find cures.  In the future I know that scientists will find a cure, because they keep getting educated in science.

Smoking and littering are causes of pollution and pollution causes global warming.  When people litter they throw garbage on the floor.  Then that causes pollution.  Pollution is never good.  An example of pollution is what some people do a lot of – littering.  If you see garbage on the floor or ground find a trash can and throw it in.  Don’t leave it there because it is bad for you and me. 

Global warming is when the Earth overheats and we can not live anymore.  To prevent this you can turn off lights when you are not using them.  Another major prevention is using bikes or walking.

The melting of the ice burgs is a big concern.  Pollution causes global warming which causes the ice burgs to melt.  If enough big ones melt, the sea level will rise and drown a lot of living creatures including humans.

There are millions of questions about space.  Scientists have only traveled to our moon and Mars.  We need more supplies so they can go out father in space and explore just like the Hubble telescope.  All of our planets put together is called our solar system.  Earth is the third planet from the sun.  The Earth’s crust is made from solid rock.  One of my questions is how the solar system was made.  Another is ‘how does the human body work’?  Well scientists already know that we use only one quarter of our brains.  But what is the rest for?  So I just told you my ideas and questions.  I hope people listen to it.


Why Science is Important by Patrick Maruffi, PS23, Mrs. Romano, Class 5-314

Where would we be without science?  Probably in caves, as cavemen, hunting savagely and struggling for survival.  But now, thanks to science, we don’t need to struggle for survival.  We have made many improvements. For instance, without science, we would stumble about at night, because we wouldn’t have any lights or candles.  But now, thanks to science, (and Thomas Edison) we have lights and electricity. Without science we would have to walk all the way to your friends’ house just to talk to them. But now, thanks to science, (and Alexander Graham Bell) we can just call them on the telephone.

So now you get my point that science is important, so find out more about science at your local library.

Why Science is Important by Karlee DeVito, PS23, Mrs. Berlinger, Class 5-311

Science is important in many ways.  If we didn’t have science, we would be having a very difficult time.  One reason it is important is because scientists make medicine.  We need medicine (or really drugs) to help us.  It also helped us to find out about harmful drugs.  For example, nicotine (cigarettes) is harmful to your health.

Technology is very important.  If we didn’t have it, we wouldn’t be able to have a cell phone.  If we didn’t have a cell phone we wouldn’t be able to call each other in an emergency.  We wouldn’t have lights either.  We would be sitting in the dark!  Also if we didn’t have cars we would have to walk everywhere!!

As you can see, science is more than a subject in school.  It is life!  It would be a hard life without science!

Why Science is Important by Michael Piccolino, PS23, Mrs. Christie, Class 5-310

You might think science isn’t important, but it’s what revolutionized our society.  I’ll show you how.  You might know about the flu or polio.  These are horrible sicknesses and diseases.  But with science we found cures and vaccinations.  Something I can’t live without is entertainment.  That is why science gave us televisions and video games. 

On those days when you feel like a huge icicle, science is there too.  It gave us the heater.  And when you feel hotter than the sun, once again science was there to give us the air conditioner.  See without science we would all be mindless or dead.

Why Science is Important by Justina Capparelli, PS23, Mrs. Hession & Miss Erkman, Class 5-306

Earth to people who don’t think science is important.  You may not think science is important, but it is.  Science helped build your homes and if we didn’t have science we might be living in caves in the cold artic, or in the hot desert.  Now let’s get to it and I will teach you how science is important and you will listen. 

Now are first lesson will be on diseases.  You might get sick from outside because it is cold or someone might give it to you.  You have medicine for that today, but back then they didn’t have medicine and they would die from high temperatures or the flu.  Now we have medicine, but who do you think thought about medicine?  Scientists do.  Were you even listening to me? 

Now our second lesson will be on technology.  Technology is important because you can get all sorts of stuff from it.  Some people might think television isn’t important, but it is.  You can surf the channels and watch the Discovery channel or the news.  I hoped you listened because if we didn’t have science, our lives would be very, very boring.

Why Science is Important by Jose Vasquez, PS23, Miss Carney, Class 5-305

What?  You don’t think science is important?  Well let me tell you, science is the most important subject you will ever learn.  Science is all around us and it is easy and fun.  Science is very important.  Without science we would be living in caves.  Now do you think science is important?  Without scientists there would be no Wii and no XBOX 360.  Now go get a textbook and learn more about science.


Why Science is Important by Christian Rivera, PS 32,  Class 5-312

Science is important, because it is the study of how things live and work.  The curiosity of man understanding how things work is science.  This curiosity has been what has helped man solve problems and survive over time for millions of years.  Science has helped to move the human race ahead and dominate the planet.  Science is everywhere in today’s world.  It is part of our daily lives, from cooking and gardening, to recycling and comprehending the daily weather report, to reading a map and using a computer.  Advances in technology and science are transforming our world at an incredible pace, and the children’s future will surely be filled with leaps in technology we can only imagine.

Why Science is Important by Jonathon Hlad, PS 32, Class 5-319

Science is important because it is part of every second of our life.  Without science we would not be able to predict the weather, earthquakes or understand about global warming.  Knowing these things helps keep us safe and help us protect our Earth for the future.

Science is also important to stay healthy, cure illnesses and take care of the sick.  Without science we would not have many of the products we use everyday like medicine, electricity, transportation and technology.

Science is everywhere from outer space to the core of the Earth.  Just by studying the Earth and its’ rocks and minerals , we can understand so many things like gardening, water pollution control, engineering, oil and gas, road construction, mining, energy production and jewelry manufacturing.  Science is a part of everything we do every day.  Science is life.  It shows us where we have been and where we are going.

Why Science is Important by Wilson Woo, PS 32, Class 5-317

Science is important because it is all around you.  You use science everyday in your life.  Science is the technology that will help move people forward.  Science helps you in everything.  Science gives people knowledge, information and what they need to improve.  If we did not have science, there would be no cars, planes, helicopters and much more.  Science will make more things for the future.  In order to know science, you will have to know math.  Science helps build more useful and successful things. 

Why Science is Important by Julianna Reala,  PS 32, Class 5-340

Science is fun, science is earth, and science is when we learn how things work.  Science is cool, science is great, and when I do experiments I can not wait.  Science is big, science is small, and in science we learn about spring, winter, summer and fall.  Science is all different shapes and sizes, when we do experiments, we get many surprises.  In science we learn a lot of stuff that is why science is important to us. 

Why Science is Important by Robert Grant,  PS 32,  Class 5-323

Science is important because you learn about the world around you.  It gives us an understanding of exactly why things happen.  Science helps us learn so many things.  For example, ‘Why do the leaves turn brown in the fall?’, ‘How do caterpillars become beautiful butterflies?’ and ‘What holds our bones together?’  All of these questions are answered through conducting science experiments. 

Without science we wouldn’t find cures for diseases.  Science helps us understand why diseases happen and helps scientists find the cures.  Science allows us to understand the circle of life too.  By understanding it and fixing things that go wrong with it.  Science has helped us to understand about space.  It made it possible for us to go to outer space and land on the moon. 

Today science helps us learn about our planet and recycling to save out planet.  We learn how to use water flow to create electricity and how to recycle garbage to decrease landfills.  Science is a wonderful and important part of our lives and without it we would be extinct. 


Why Science is Important by Pamela Stavrakos, PS50, Ms. Von Roten, Class 5-203

 Science is important because science is all around you.  Science also teaches you numerous different valuable skills.  Science teaches skills such as comparing and contrasting and observing.  These skills are important because they can help you in your everyday life.  For example, if you’re trying to find out which of two types of fruit is better, you have to observe, compare and contrast them. 

 Science is also important because everything is science.  No thing would exist without science.  For example, your television is science because of all the wires and other components, how they are connected and the electricity flowing through them is all science. 

 Science is also important, because it teaches how everything around you works and how it was made.  Such as, how humans evolved from monkeys, which is science.  Science is important because without it nothing and no one would exist.

 Why Science is Important by Carl Cruz-Holden, PS50, Mr. Riley, Class 5-240

 The study of science is an important base of discovery.  Science is important to us because it helps us understand our past life, our present and develop our future. 

 Science is discovering about the Earth, how rocks are formed, what materials combine to make the Earth.  Why the ocean’s water is salty and what percentage of the Earth it takes up.  Science is about discovering space.  We learn the sun has flares and how its’ radiation is weakening our ozone layer.  Science is about discovering habitats and all living things.  We learn how our blood pumps through our bodies and how our muscles move everything in our body.

 These are just some examples of science.  There are many more references.  This is why I think science is important.  Why do you think science is important?

 Why Science is Important by Nicholas Labarbera, PS50, Ms. Campo/Ms. Wihlborg, Class 5-242

 Science is fun, that I know.  I made a volcano the lava did flow.  Atoms and ions that fly through the air, when I touch that static ball, oh there goes the hair.  Weather is cool especially in the north.  I like catching butterflies and an occasional moth.  My Mom tells me science helps me each day from cooking to cleaning, from work to play.  Plants give us oxygen, trees grow very tall.  Weather it’s biology or astronomy, I just love it all.

 Why Science is Important by Kyle Austin, PS50, Ms. Tagliavia/Ms. Mantione, Class 5-202

 Science is important because it is a part of our life.  It is about the mystery of many things.  It is about how things are made.  Science is magical.  It helps us discover things.  It helps us learn about things.  Science is vital to our life.  With science we learn how to make things work, how things help us in our life and how what it is like to be in outer space discovering the beauty of the universe.

 It is about the importance of living things.  You can see science everywhere weather you are experimenting or discovering new things and new wonders.  There is always going to be science in everyone’s life.