2008 Catherine Raia Mini Scholar Essay Winners

picture by Byo Bridget Matthews, PS 32

Congratulations to the following first place winners from each participating class for their wonderful essays on
"Why Science is Important"

PS 8
Kirill Yalin
Michael Biscotti


PS 21
Brandon Cofano
Diana Espinosa
Jackie Delacruz

PS 23
Nicole Kazakevich
Noli Sela
Afrim Bogdanovic
Nicole Kazakevich

PS 32
Michelle Pagano
Larissa Incle-Ruiz
Marissa Restivo
Amanda Clinchot
Alyssa Cangemi

Wasilah Faber, PS 8 Claudia Heller, PS 32 Larissa Incle-Ruiz, PS 32

Why Science is Important by Kirill Yalin, PS 8

Science is important because it makes modern day tasks easier with the knowledge of what to do and how to do it easier. Many jobs are based on the findings of science and its workers. Without science, there would be less jobs, and with less jobs there would be a smaller amount of money, and without money, economy and organizations wouldn’t evolve to be what they are today. Science is a very important asset to the evolution of culture, companies and life.

Another reason why science is important is that science gives the ability of flight to anyone, with just the right amount of training. Astronomers have furthered their study of stars and planets, to flying to stars and planets. The resources on these planets or stars may prove useful to be a new energy source or a brand new form of mineral. Although the chance is tiny and insignificant, while in space, we may interact with intergalactic species! Their technology may be millions of years ahead of ours! Even that is something to keep sending space shuttles into space.

One more reason science is important is the cures it produces to cure hazardous and fatal illnesses. Science gives many people the gift of life. Illnesses have been the cause of many deaths, but luckily scientists have come up with the cure for those illnesses and left people healthy. Even the smallest illnesses can be treated with a simple prescription or drug made by scientists.

One of the most important reasons science is important is that science gives an explanations to almost anything, how the earth was created, what animals lived on the earth, why lightning strikes, what causes static electricity, and many more. Scientists took all of these questions and produced their own theories, and without these theories, life would have more and more questions needing to be answered. In conclusion, science has a major effect on the advancement of life.

Why Science is Important by Michael Biscotti, PS 8

Science is very important in our life. It explains the forces of the universe. It also reveals life before us. Science had made us modernized. These are some of the amazing things science has done.

In addition, science has made us modernized; science has also made breakthrough discoveries. Because of science we now have vaccines and medicines colonials never heard of. We also now have electricity thanks to Benjamin Franklin, another famous scientist. Most good things in our life come from science. Now scientists have come up with a way to save animals for extinction. They clone them! Scientists are using their new cloning machine to clone animals so we will have more meat and more animals alive. This is what science has done for us.

In conclusion, science has altered our life in numerous ways. We have electricity. We also have many medicines and vaccines. Now people can stay alive longer than they used to. This is why science is important.

Sarah Tress, PS 32 Vinny Stella, PS 32 Jackie DelaCruz, PS 21

 Why Science Is Important by Brandon Cofano, PS 21

Do you think science is important? I do! Without science we are cavemen eating mud.

Think about it, without science we would be extinct from diseases and poison. We would have no electricity or medicine. Just think, no more computers, lights and pets! We wouldn’t know about prehistoric times. It would be hard to travel. We would be useless without science. Less jobs means less money. Science is everywhere. Without science we would be useless!

No lights or T.V., no video games or pencils. The only thing we could do without science is walk and talk. We are babies without science. That’s why science is important.

Why Science is Important by Diana Espinosa, PS 21

Hey do you know why science is important everyday? Science is everything to us in so many things! Science is everywhere we go. Did you know that science is not all about experiments. Let me tell you how science changes our world.

 Science helps us in the house with the technology. For example, on the computer, we search things for more knowledge. If nobody had created a computer we wouldn’t see what other people think. It would be hard to watch videos so we don’t have to go out of our houses.

 Another thing that science has to do with us is nature. Do you know why? Nature has many things to do with us too! Nature has created plants, trees and so much things. We need plants and trees to eat things. We also need these things for oxygen. If there were no plants we wouldn’t have any vegetables and fruits.

 Did you know that if science wasn’t important there wouldn’t be a solar system? We wouldn’t know anything about the planets. There wouldn’t be even one galaxy. If the sun wasn’t here it wouldn’t give us life. Did you know that with no galaxies, stars, planets and anything in space, there wouldn’t be a universe?

 Now that you know why science is important in my way you can tell me yours. Science is everywhere even when we don’t know it. Science is almost why we have food, technology and more. Before we didn’t have any technology and it was so hard that time but now it is easier. Well now that you know of what I think tell me yours.

Why Science is Important by Jackie Delacruz, PS 21

Science is very important in our everyday life because it helps us tell how the earth functions. Another thing is to understand our world and everything around us. It tells what happens to our environment and people. It comes up with new cures for diseases. Science tells us how our body works. It explains what is important for us to keep healthy. That’s why science is very important in our everyday life.

Why Science is Important by Marissa Restivo, PS 32

I believe science is important because it explains the changes that occur all around us in our everyday lives. There are so many different aspects of science. From understanding the weather, to our own body makeup, to our environment, to space, medicine, and how the machines we use everyday work, all come from our knowledge of science. Science is an important part of how we live and breathe. It’s also very important in understanding what we can do as a society to help change the future. Without science research we wouldn’t have made all the advances we have today. Science is so much a part of our everyday lives and so much of what our future may hold for us and our future children, we would be lost without it!

 Why Science Is Important by Amanda Clinchot, PS 32           

Science is important because it helps us in our everyday lives. For example, when we are ill, scientists test and develop medicines for those illnesses. Without medicine, we would probable never feel better! We can thank the scientists for discovering medicine. In the past, people died from a variety of common illnesses. Today those same illnesses are simply treated through vaccinations. Science is also important because it helps us know what is in space. If for some reason a meteor was to hit the Earth, and we didn’t know about anything in space, and if it hit the Earth at the wrong time or at the wrong speed, things could get pretty scary. The stars and constellations helped guide some explorers during their travels. The more we know about other planets, the better for us here on Earth. Who knows, in a few years, scientists may even discover that we can actually live on other planets. Today’s generation is all about going, green! Through science we’ve made good progress in trying to find alternative fuels. This will greatly impact our air quality and overall quality of our lives.

So as you can see science is so much more important then you may realize. It touches our lives in so many ways. We sometimes even take science for granted all that it has to offer. I look forward to seeing all the advances that science will make in the near future.    

Why Science is Important by Alyssa Cangemi, PS 32

Science is important because it lets you explore unlimited possibilities for new ideas. Science opens eyes of young children to make them think of learning in a new and exotic way. Without science we would not have computers, phones, television and so much more. Science gave us everything we have today and I don’t know what some people would do without it. Science is a way to advance technology, make life simpler for everyone. Science also helps the environment. Without it we would never know about Global Warming or how to protect the ozone layer. Without science we would be dead! Science is one of the most important things in the world!

 Science is made up of:
Nervous System

Science is important to us in every way! Everyday! Scientists are working on a new invention to make everybody’s life easier. Without these inventions, we would not have most of the things we use everyday. Science is important to every living thing in the world!

Why Science is Important by Michelle Pagano, PS 32

I believe Science is important because, without it we wouldn’t be living the lives we are today. We would not have medicines to keep us healthy or know what the weather was going to be like tomorrow. Without it we wouldn’t be educated on the earth because of our surroundings. We would not know what the solar system is like. We also wouldn’t know what is inside our bodies or even how to plant or what to plant. We would have never heard of photosynthesis. We would not know what lightning is. Without science I doubt there would be an ‘Einstein’s Theory.’ Science is there from when we wake up to going to bed. That is why science is important.

 Why Science Is Important by Larissa Incle-Ruiz, PS 32

 Science is very important because we use science all around the world and in our everyday lives. Scientists and doctors use their scientific knowledge to cure certain diseases and improve our quality of life. We are able to get to places faster by using our knowledge of science involving gravity, friction and electricity. Science enables us to see clearer by using glasses, hear better by using hearing aids, improve our palettes with food technology, and help certain individuals with the use of artificial limbs. Science can determine when certain events occurred in the past and will occur in the future. We use science so that we can be in two places at once. We can use via-satellite to host a show in one place and people around the world can see it from the comfort of their homes. In fact, science has made it possible for us to do certain errands that would otherwise require us to travel from our home. We can shop, pay bills or research using our television/computer from our house. Without science, we could never have experienced the already mentioned accomplishments and many more!

Why Science is Important by Angela Cohen, PS 23

Did you know that science is one of the most important subjects that you can learn? We now learn about the planets and the past. We also have technology that gives us entertainment. Most people think science is very interesting, and it’s true! Sometimes it’s fun and educational! Science can help us in so many ways! From curing diseases to know what the weather would be and having what we have today and much more. If we didn’t have technology we wouldn’t have cell phones in case of emergencies. To some people using computers is easier and faster to do a lot of things. Also because of science we wouldn’t know how Global Warming is affecting our world, because of this animals will be extinct. So pick up a science book, we can learn a lot! I hope you think science is important as I do!!!

Why Science is Important by Nicole Kazakevich, PS 23

TV, video games, oven, computers, washing machines, transportation, I cannot imagine life without that. That is mostly, for us kids, what science is about. Without science we would be nothing other than cavemen and cavewomen! I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I will be able to live without science. Without science we wouldn’t be who we are today because science is what made us and the earth! Also I don’t want to do all these chores. Since the earth has made us out of its features the earth is science. Science gives us things that we really need in life. Without science we wouldn’t know that we would need to go to sleep or what time it was or know how to speak or talk without science. Science is mostly important because without science we would probably all die because we wouldn’t know how to take care of ourselves.

 Why Science Is Important by Noli Sela, PS 23

Science is awesome! If we didn’t have science, our lives would be very difficult. For example, if we didn’t know where volcanoes were, we would die and never see ourselves again. Volcanoes are very scary because volcanoes could shoot out lava and we wouldn’t know how old rocks and fossils. Also we wouldn’t know how to be on a healthy diet. We also wouldn’t know how to predict the weather and we wouldn’t know dinosaurs laid their eggs and we wouldn’t have any technology or any Play station 3.

In the future, I know science is very important.

Why Science is Important by Afrim Bogdanovic, PS 23

Would you like to be awake during an operation? Or not be able to watch TV? All of that and more can happen if we didn’t have science. Well, if you want to know what science can really do, read my story.

Cool! Awesome! Narly dude! Dinosaurs are the best! Did you know that dinosaurs are related to humans! Wow! That’s amazing! We also found dinosaur fossils, tracks, and Bones! Science also taught us how to make people not have illnesses. We vaccinate people when they are babies so they don’t have measles, chicken pox, small pox, polio etc. These shots that doctors give us boost up our immune system. Oh! I almost forgot, we wouldn’t have TV or computers! I don’t think anyone can live without TV. I know I can’t.

So in conclusion, without science our world would be a lot harder. If you are not into science I hope you are now. Don’t thank me; thank the scientists who make our lives easier.