2007 Catherine Raia Mini Scholar Essay Winners

Congratulations to the following first place winners from each participating class for their wonderful essays on

"Why Science is Important"

PS 8
Eric Pettas
Christopher Leone
Vanessa Jioia 

Erika Suazo
Tyesha Lopez
Magdalena Skumial

PS 21
Suchailah Abdullah
Sheyanne Marcelle
Sean Masterson


PS 23
Christina Doquila
Karen Passburg
Brittany Hannam

PS 32
Amanda Ferrandino
Glenn Glennerseter
Kelly Anne Sohmer
 Lisa Nugioae
Veronica Ahrens

PS 50
Louis Pisicolo 
Thomas Curry
Deirdre O’Hara
Maria Serrantino
Brittany Avarino
Jennifer Mozatto

 Why Science Is Important  by Vanessa Jioia, P.S. 8

 In the next few paragraph I will be exploring why science is important to us. Science is not only a school subject, it is knowledge of observation and experimentation. If it wasn’t for science, people would not be as smart as they are today. Science affects our everyday lives from the moment we wake up in the morning. We turn on the light, the teakettle, and the television to listen to our favorite weatherman.

Sean Masterson, PS 21   Matthew Reala, PS 32 Catherine Varriano, PS 23

 Scientists such as biologists, meteorologists, astrologists, and ecologists research to find answers to basic questions. These answers make the scientist more knowledgeable to answer the more difficult ones. That is how inventions are made. Biologists, who study the living things, can find cures for disease, new medicines and whether or not they are safe for human as well as animals. They also invent vaccines or needles that are given by a doctor that can protect us from all kinds of diseases including the flu and the chicken pox. Many, many years ago, people died from diseases that don’t even exist today!

When I was a little over two years old, I had a bad cold that turned into a very serious pneumonia, it was called streptococcal pneumonia. I was very sick and the doctors gave me five different kinds of antibiotic was working to fight off the pneumonia. Once they found the right ones, the doctors knew I was going to get better. After one month, my parents were so happy to take me home. About two months later, a vaccine of this type of pneumonia was discovered by science. Children who get this vaccine will be protected against many type of pneumonia, thank goodness for science.

 Another type of science is meteorology. This is the study of weather. It is important because it predicts if there may be dangerous weather about to happen. We could prepare ourselves for weather such as hurricane and a tornado. I enjoy listening to the weatherman so I know what to wear for school. The science that I think is the most to learn about is astrology. It involves studying the universe including the stars and the planets. It is important for astrologists to study our universe so that we know what is around earth and if there is life and resource in other places that we can use.

Science has affected the world in many ways. Our future will definitely be brighter as scientists continue to solve the mysteries of our world. Thanks goodness once again for science.

Why Science Is Important  by Eric Pettas,  P.S. 8

What would our world be without science? The answer to this question tells us why science is so important. Science has given us developments that touch every part of our daily lives. With technology our world has changed the life we lead. We have machines that help us do just about everything, even open a CD. Science has given us ideas that help us understand the world we live in.

Biology has given us a new understanding of the human body, and chemistry has taught us how to fix the body and keep it healthy. Genetics has given us a new hope about how to cure diseases and fight deadly viruses like cancer and the flu. Science is even helping us find ways to save our planet. Why is science important? Without it we probably wouldn’t be here.

Why Science Is Important  by  Christopher Leone,  P.S. 8                                                  

Science is involved in everything that we do. The more that we understand science; the more we can change things around us to make our world safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. Good examples of how we have used science to improve our lives are the use of electricity, the control of heat, the forecasting of the weather, and the making of medicines.

Science makes us more comfortable. Science makes us more comfortable because now we heat, light, electricity, and insulation. Science has gotten us heat with gas and oil burners. Science has gotten us electricity from Ben Franklin and his great discovery. That’s how science makes us comfortable.

Science also makes us safe. Science makes us more save by predicting the weather so we know if there’s a tornado or an earthquake coming. Also science has brought us medicine. This is very important to us because it can heal us when we have an illness. (But not all illnesses.) Science gives us faster emergency response because of ambulances and fire trucks. Science has also brought us airbags, which save lives every second in a driving accident. That is how science makes us safer.

Science is enjoyable too. Science is enjoyable because it has given us video games, computer games, TV, and protective gear for sports.

Now you can see how our understanding of science has a huge effect on our lives. Our world is very interesting and we may never fully understand it. The more we can understand it the happier we’ll be.

Why Science Is Important  by Suchailah Abdullah.  P.S. 21

Science is important because if there was no science we would not have most of the things we have today, such as rocket ships, missiles, comets, and dinosaurs.

Rockets are cool. If there was no science nobody would know what a rocket ship is. Also if there was no science we would not have discovered missiles. And if there was no science we would not know what a comet is. Finally if there was no science we would not know that dinosaurs lived long ago.

Why Science Is Important  by  Sheyanne Marcelle,   P.S. 21

 We live it and we breathe it. The air we breathe and the steps we take are science. We are made up of science from top to bottom, inside and out. Read on and you will see why we live our everyday life.

 Just picture this. How do you do this? How do we do that? How do we do this? It’s science. How do we say this? How do we say its science? How do we hear this? How do we hear that? It all has to do with this powerful thing called science. It’s Mother Nature. It’s science. That’s why life is science.


Why Science Is Important  by  Sean Masterson,   P.S. 21

I think science is important because without science there would be no world. If we did not have science we would not have electricity, plants, gasses, and everything on earth and space.One reason I think its important is because science powers my life. I could not be able to eat because the plants come from earth and earth is science.

Science is also important because a world without science is as world without discovery, technology, and everything else. I think science is important to me because me and mostly every living thing on earth is and needs science to help it live.

Why Science Is Important  by Amanda Ferrandino,   P.S.32

Science plays an important role in our everyday lives. It helps us to understand the mysteries of the universe. It is the windows to technology and the answer to medical cures. Science is our everyday life. From something as simple as a flower blooming to sending a man to the moon. It helps scientists and doctors find remedies for the common cold to one day curing diseases like cancer.

So, you ask me why science is important. Without science, our vision of advanced technology would be a dream. Without science, our mission to find cures to live a happy and healthy life would never happen.

Why Science Is Important  by Glenn Glennerseter,    P.S. 32 

Science is the natural history of our world and how it works. It is done through observations of natural happenings or experiments. Science combines the use of observation, intuition, theory, hypothesis, experimentation, and analysis. This is why science is an important part of our life. Science teaches us and offers us opportunities to better our life. There are many types of science. Physics, Chemistry, Astrology, Earth Science, and Biology. Each one of these sciences is used in everyday life. Each part of science plays an increasingly important role in society. Science is the best way to understand how the world works.

Why Science Is Important  by Kelly Anne Sohmer,   P.S. 32

Science is cells. Cells make up tissues, and then tissues make up organs, which make up you. Science is space. Which are where stars are bright. The sun is the biggest star because it has the most light. Science is pitch. Where it has the highness and lowness of intonation. Where the higher the pitch, the more the vibration.

Science is currents. Where water moves a certain direction. Trade winds move east to west, while the westerly moves the opposite inclination. Science is important. It makes the world go round. From oxygen from plants that come from the ground. Science is important. It makes us diligent. Either alerts the earth or maybe why birds migrate. Now, what I say, I say with good science. The reason we live is because of science!

Why Science Is Important  by Lisa Nugioae,   P.S. 32

Science is important for a variety of reasons. We live in an advanced and highly technical world where the skills and knowledge we need will require frequent updating. Science can provide us with the necessary skills to analyze and think logically. Science is a tool for problem solving that uses what we already know and comes up with ways to help solve what we don’t know. We can use the skills and knowledge we learn in science to make the world a better place in which to live.

There are so many areas of science that have brought about a better world. Biology, the study of life. Teaches us why we are the way we are, why we need what we need to survive, and how all living things came about. Physics teaches us how mirrors work, how glasses help our vision, and how heat is treated by various household materials (plates and utensils). Chemistry discusses the rules of matter. Like atoms, molecules, and compounds. These atoms, molecules, and compounds make up the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the medicines we take when we are sick.

Everyday new things are discovered. With the increase in scientific knowledge, there is a demand for educated students. Cancer research has found a virus capable in killing cancerous tumors in cats. Although this has not been completely tested for use on humans yet, scientists predict that testing on human volunteers may come into effect in around two years or so.

These are only four reasons why science is important. I hope that scientists, one day, can cure disease and make our environment a better place to live.

Why Science Is Important  by Veronica Ahrens,   P.S. 32

Science is everywhere
Science is all around us
To find it we need not fuss
Science is the way trees grow
Science is the way the clouds make snow
Science can be part of our home
Science can be the woods we roam
Science is the blue sky and the way birds fly
Science is a rain shower or a beautiful flower
Science is a big house
Science is a little grey house
Science is rusty metal
Science is a lovely flower petal
Science is the great blue sea
Or a little green pea
A tree can be here or there
But science is everywhere

Why Science Is Important  by Christina Doquila,   P.S. 23

If the earth exploded, what would you do? If you don’t know science will help you before it happens so you can be prepared. Weather: Science can help you so you know the weather. If you don’t know the weather then you would make a pool party on a rainy day.

 Medicine: When you get sick science made something called medicine that cures you.

Animals: If a squirrel has rabies and it bit you, you would get rabies. If there was no science you wouldn’t know that you had rabies and you would die. Since we have science, it can help you.

Why Science Is Important  by Karen Passburg,   P.S. 23

What would the world be like without science? Have you ever asked yourself that question? We wouldn’t really know anything about the outside world around us. We wouldn’t have the internet, an ipod, television, and it’s hard to think that your video games would have anything to do with science! I’m about to tell you the many things our quite advanced human race has made that science has made that has to almost rely on science!

Without science, we would probably think that besides the sun and moon, we would be the only planet in the solar system. We wouldn’t know anything about the animals on our planet or their abilities. We wouldn’t even have electric tools to build our houses. We wouldn’t have any type of transportation! No horses, cars, planes, or trains. Nothing! We would think we could breathe underwater and wouldn’t have any idea on how to cure the most serious and the simplest diseases.

So take a moment and think, what would the world be without science?

Why Science Is Important  by Brittany Hannam,    P.S. 23

Science is a very important thing in our world. We use science to make cures for infections and diseases. The medicine is made of scientific chemicals and peroxides transformed to make antibiotics and other medicines.

We use science for new discoveries and mysteries. Science answers a lot of questions. Some questions are unknown. People who study science are called scientists. They help us make inventions to help us with our needs and problems.

Science is very important because it keeps babies healthy and prevents diseases. Science also predicts disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and much more. The reason we know the weather each day is because of science. Science is very important in our lives and we cannot live without it.

It has a big role in our lives. Science is helpful and fascinating to learn about. Lots of scientists make discoveries everyday and also make new inventions. Different scientists study different things. Some wonder why the world is round. Some wonder how atoms form a person.

Science helps experiments and inventions. Most inventions were made by science. Light was made by science. Gravity is made by science. If it wasn’t for gravity we would be floating around. The scientific method teaches us a lesion all about different categories in science.

Plants were made by the growth system, same as humans. Plants are a big part of science (botany). We need food, which is made by science. Science makes H2O and other chemicals. It also helps detectives solve mysteries by finding fingerprints and other things. Science is a very important thing. We need science!

Why Science Is Important  by Erika Suazo,    P.S. 16

Have you ever looked around when you are outside? That’s all science. Do you know about plant life and life cycles? If you don’t let me tell you about it. Science is important because we can help the world around us and ourselves.

Plants help us every single day by giving us oxygen and if it wasn’t for them we could not breather and we would die. We should not let people cut down trees because it takes the oxygen.

Life cycles are amazing things because they reproduce and make better things from things that die or get thrown out. I learned that science is important and without it we would not know about things going on in the world.

Why Science Is Important  by Tyesha Lopez,  P.S. 16

Science is important because it helps you learn what is revolving around you and helps you understand what is happening to the human body such as blood cells, the alveoli, the heart, and everything else. Sometimes in life you will need science to help you. Like when you want to go fishing, you use science to see if it is hot or if the fish is good to eat. Or if you want to be a weather man/girl, don’t you use science?

Science will help you learn about the solar system when you are a scientist. When you were younger it was good to have science. If you are a vet dissecting might be gross but you learn more about the animal you dissect. When you use science you might be the next one to help cure all living things that need it.

Science is also important because it keeps you from going crazy. Doctors use science to help you cure an ill person. If you work with electricity you know that you have to find out how to connect wires together. Computers use science to look up things. Satellites are also used for science because when you watch TV or when you are trying to connect with someone you are using science.

The technology we use in a war is also science. When we have fruits they are planted using science with sunlight and rain for them to grow. Science protects us from everything around us. Thanks to Catherine Raia Mini Scholar we have science.

Why Science Is Important  by Magdalena Skumial,  P.S. 16      

Do you really know what science is? Science is the study of the natural world. Scientists try to better understand the history of the natural world and how it works. Imagine that you didn’t have things like computers, television, radio, medicine, tools, light, different kinds of food, gas to cook, or even the house you live in today. There is a long list of things that we have today because of science. If nobody studied science people today would still live like cavemen.

Before all the medicine we have today was discovered kids and adults died from illnesses that are easy to cure today. Now in our time special doctors are working to find a cure for breast cancer and other diseases that make us sick.

Even the plane I came to America from Poland was made using science. Transportation like cars, planes, and motorcycles were made using science. Look around, a lot of things were made using science. Imagine that no one knew what science was. Without science the world would be different.

Why Science Is Important  by Louis Pisicolo,  P.S. 50   

Science, science-it’s everywhere,
Sometimes here, and sometimes there.
Its important-there’s no doubt,
Because without it, things wouldn’t work out.
We need science for exploration
If we’re to give an explanation.
We need science to understand
Things that happen to our land.
We need science to learn and grow-
There is so much we need to know.
Science is used to help us measure-
And sometimes, it’s just for pleasure.
Science is important-
I think you’ll agree…
It’s all about nature
And how to be free!

Why Science Is Important  by  Thomas Curry,    P.S. 50

 I think science is important because it is the study of everything in and around our universe. Science is the explanations, understandings, and hypothesis of where, why, and how. Science tells us what makes up our atmosphere or why we even exist. Science allows us to make new discoveries. It gives scientists the chance to experiment and find out important facts to make our lives healthier. Science helps doctors discover new ways to heal sick people or figure out new ways of treating sick people. Science helps astronauts explore and discover new planets as well as old planets. Science helps archeologists dig into the earth and figure out how we got here or who was here years before us. Science tells weathermen if it’s going to rain or be sunny. Science is telling us about melting ice caps and how they might affect the earth someday. Science helps my mom decide which plants to plant in our backyard. Science gives teachers an interesting subject to teach in school. Science helped me figure out alfalfa sprouts grow better in plain water than water with salt in it.

 Science teaches us what we need to do to keep the earth from falling apart. I believe if we all do our part in taking care of the planet and ourselves we can not only save the planet but also promote longer life in human beings and animals. I think if everyone became more aware of things they do everyday which could hurt the earth, we would have a better chance of preserving the planet.

Why Science Is Important  by Deirdre O’Hara,   P.S. 50 

Without science we wouldn’t have light
Without science we wouldn’t take showers
Without science we wouldn’t have batteries
Without science we wouldn’t be able to travel in planes

As you can see science is in our daily lives. You can list millions of things we wouldn’t have without science. Of course, I will not list all these things. Anyway, take a minute now and think of all things in your room that wouldn’t exist without science. Now make those things disappear from the image in your head. Your room is probably empty except for a bed, side table, dresser, and candle. I hope you realize how important science is.

Why Science Is Important  by Maria Serrantino, P.S. 50                     

Science is important. We are all lucky that we learn about science at such a young age, like we start learning about it in Kindergarten. Now I realize why they teach us about it when we are young. Teachers want us to be prepared for college and our careers in the future.

Some people that enjoy science might turn out to be a doctor. If there was no science then there would be fewer doctors. Fewer doctors mean more sick and dead people because there might not be a lot of medicine invented. Doctors are great people and we should be happy that they cure us when we are sick.

Science plays a big role in everyone’s life. Without it the world would not be the same.

Why Science Is Important  by Brittany Avarino, P.S. 50                                       

What subject do you think is the most important? Math, English, Social Studies, or Science? When given a choice like this some people might not think science is the most important, but I do. Science is important for many reasons. Science is all around us and can be found in almost everything we do. I can’t even begin to list the many reasons why science is so important, but I will name a few reasons why it’s important to me.

Science, through technology has given us the opportunity to connect with many different people. We can do this through traveling or by television, radio, and internet. Science can help us make the earth a better place. We have learned that we need our trees and how it’s important to keep our oceans, lakes, and rivers clean.

Most important if it wasn’t for science then we wouldn’t have the medical care and treatment we have today. Medical care has helped save many lives and helps people live longer. If it wasn’t for this my mom and little sister would not be here today. They were both very sick once and I thank science for making them better.

Why Science Is Important  by Jennifer Mozatto, P.S. 50                                                         

Why and how is science important? Well maybe because science is our life. If there was a fire then science was there. If we had no science then we couldn’t be able to learn about our bodies or what or how a fire is. Science is everything. But mostly it can be about human beings, or how people digest things in their bodies. Science is labs and also chemicals. A life cycle is science. Science is everything, especially electricity. Science is how animals survive. Science is the world!