2006 Catherine Raia Mini Scholar Essay Winners

Congratulations to the following first place winners from each participating class for their wonderful essays on
"Why Science is Important"

PS 8

Lucia Cadavid
Tyrone Martin
Richard Cariddi
Maggie Amundsen
Sal Viola


PS 21

Laura Espinosa
Jason Choi
Shateeka Beckles


PS 23

Vincent Nicoletta
Danyelle Lepardo
Briana Turano
Mathew Capestany


PS 32

Sabrina Grimaudo
Courtney Yasuda
Nicholas Ingrassia
Kayla Burrier

PS 50
Leighann Margolis
Anetta Nowak
Anumita Das
Anthony Castaldo
Tiana Wong
Stephanie DíAngelo
Lisa Marie La Vara
Samira Anantharam


Gabriela Orive
Gabriela Villanueva


Vincent Nicoletta, PS 23

Why Science is Important by Richard Cariddi, PS 8

Without science life would not exist.  We need science in every area of our lives, from the time we are born to the time we die.  We use science to explore our world and the other worlds in our galaxy.
            Even before we are born science is working for us.  Biology, the study of the human body, helps keep us healthy.  This same science helps to keep our bodies functioning our whole life.  Scientists have used biology to help us understand t6he way our bodies work.  With help from another science called chemistry scientists have come up with medicines and vaccinations to help our bodies fight disease and help us live longer.  In order for Scientists to this they must also study the Earth and all things in nature.  The study of the earth is called Earth Science.  Everything is made from the elements of the earth, just like us.  In order for us to understand ourselves we have to know about everything around us.
            This takes us to Marine Biology, which is the study of the creatures of the ocean.  This is important because a lot of things we eat come from the ocean.  There are also certain types of plants that grow in the ocean that are used as medicine.  There are so many creatures living in the ocean that a lot of them have not been discovered yet.
            Just as important as the other sciences, but maybe a little bit more baffling is Astronomy.  This is the study of Outer Space.  This science has been around for hundreds of years.  From Astronomers like Galileo we have learned about the existence of other planets and how they affect our planet.  A lot of Astronomers were also physicist like Sir Isaac Newton.  Physics is the study of matter and energy.
            Science is the study of just about everything in our world and all of the other worlds in our galaxy.  Without it we would know nothing about ourselves and the world we live in.  I think science helps us evolve and adapt to the world around us. 
            ďScience is an imaginative adventure of the mind seeking truth in a world of mystery.Ē          -Sir Cyril Herman Hinshellwood

Why Science is Important by Shateeka Beckles,  PS21

            Science is important because we use it everyday.  The human body is science.  Electricity is science.  The planets are science, and technology is science.  Science is also fun.  In science you learn how to build stuff and make chemicals.
            Science helps us in life by helping us to control and know our body.  Everybody should know how their body works.  Without science there would be no life on earth.  Science created earth.  Without science we wouldnít know about gravity or anything.
            The most important thing is vaccines for diseases such as diabetes, flu, HIV, AIDS chicken pox, measles and small pox.  Without science nobody would know how to cure or prevent them.  Science has created life.  It has made the mountains and the natural resources.  Science also created the sun and the other planets.  Science is believed to create planets and a glacier on Mars.  There could be life on Mars.
            The people that made stuff out of science were inventors.  They used strategies and science to make future products.  Inventors are famous for their products we use today.  Thatís important because if we didnít have that stuff then it would be a plain world.

Why Science is Important by Vincent Nicoletta,  PS23

             Science is all around us.  It gives us information about our world, our bodies, and our universe.  Science helps us to understand that we are all connected.  The importance of science goes beyond the farthest star.  If you donít agree, you should read this essay.
            Science teaches us about our world.  Science opens our minds to understand that all living things, big and small are related to each other.  Science answers many difficult questions about life.  It gives us tools to study animals and their habitats, and to measure the pollution in our environment.  If we did not have science, then we would not know that aerosol cans destroy the ozone layer and create global warming.
            Science explains the wonders of the world.  It helps us to understand how our bodies and minds work, and how to repair them.  Scientific facts help us to keep our bodies healthy and disease-free.  Medicines are made to cure illnesses because of science.  Science reaches beyond our world into an unbelievable galaxy.  It teaches us about our place in outer space.
            In conclusion, science is important because it teaches us to question and understand life.

Margarita Feydis, PS 32



Margarita Feydis, PS 32





Why Science is Important by Courtney Yasuda, PS32

Science, science everywhere,
Science, science in the air.

Thereís chemistry, biology,
Physics and geology.

Science makes the world go round.
Gravity keeps us on the ground.

Experimenting, testing, and so much more,
Science is what I adore.

But your teacher will get in a huff
In science if you blow up stuff.

Itís fun to dissect eyeballs and germs,
To learn about what causes germs.

Science helps us cure diseases,
Like measles, bird flu, and the sneezes.

Science helped us reach the moon,
I hope I will be going soon.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, and lightning skies,
Science helps us explain when and why.

Iím learning the oceanís currents far and wide,
And how weíre affected by the tide.

Thereís also our bodies, joints, muscles, and bones.
Learning all their names, makes me groan.

Science, science now I care,
About the world and itís affairs.
(And getting in the Science Fair.)

Science, science in the air,
Science, science everywhere.


 Why Science Is Important by Leighann Margolis, PS50

           Science is a very important subject because it helps you learn all about the universe and how things work.  For example, we learned about molecules and atoms and chemical reactions.  Also, we learned about the weather and how it affects us
          Another thing we learned about is the human body.  We learned about the lungs and how we breathe.  We discussed the heart and how it pumps blood to all the organs in our bodies, supplying us with oxygen.  As you can see science is very important.  If we didnít have science we wouldnít be able to understand how things work, and life wouldnít be the same.

Gabriela Villanueva, PS 16

Why Science is Important by Gabriela Villanueva, PS 16

Science is part of our everyday life.  Science is so important because it helps us with our food, air, water, shelter, and many other things.
Science helps us with our food because farmers need to use science to help them grown their crops.  Farmers need to figure out the temperature, soil, fertilizer, and other things they have to use for their plants.
            Science helps us with our air also.  Scientists invented the hybrid car which runs partly on electricity to help prevent air pollution.  A regular car uses gasoline which becomes air pollution.  Scientists also make solar power which also prevents air pollution.  Solar power uses power so you donít have to use gas or oil which turns into air pollution.
            Scientists are also always finding new ways to make our water safe.  One way of making our water safe is to use chemicals.  The chemicals take away as much bacteria in the water as possible. That way there is less chance of getting sick by water.  They also try to make the water safe for the fish and plants who in it.
            Natural disasters are so dangerous that is why scientists are building houses that protect us against hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters.  Houses like that can save many lives.    Scientists have also made technology that helps us predict natural disasters.  So that way we are prepared for them.
            Science is important in so many ways, and science helps us answer our first question, why?