Water Cycle - Weather (6)

PROBLEM: How are satellite weather photos different from weather maps?


MATERIALS: Satellite photos November 13th, and November 15, 1986, Weather Map Symbols Chart, Air Masses of North America, blank North America maps

PROCEDURE: Study and compare the satellite photos provided and answer the following questions:

  1. On which day was Central Coastal California the most cloudy?
  2. Which map shows a large front moving across parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Baja California, and the northwest part of Mexico?
  3. In what area was there a circular wind pattern causing the cloud cover to "swirl"?   
  4. On which date is there more activity in the Atlantic Ocean? What is the direction of movement?
  5. Which map appears to have more severe weather? Why?
  6. Is there a day of clear weather in all of Central America?
  7. Which states had the clearest weather on these two days?
  8. Why are these satellite photos useful?

Using the outline maps of North America and the "Symbols Used in Plotting Report" try and create your own weather map for both November 13 and 15. Use the Air Mass map of North America to try and determine what the air masses may be. This might help you determine the correct type of front. Remember you are missing information. What are you missing? 


CONCLUSIONS: How do the satellite and weather maps differ?


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