Water Cycle - Weather (4)

PROBLEM: What do satellite pictures tell us about the weather?


PROCEDURE: Study and compare the satellite photo maps (on the following two pages) and answer the questions below. Use maps of the United States reference to help you find specific locations.

  1. Which part of the United States is shown in photo maps?
    (North, East, South, West)
  2. How many states are shown on 12/7-8/97 satellite photo map?
    List them.
  3. On which satellite map is North Carolina the most cloudy?
  4. On which photo map can you best see New Orleans in Louisiana?
  5. On which photo map is Georgia the least cloudy?
  6. What kind of clouds are over the Atlantic Ocean on 12/8/97?
  7. Are the white patches over the Appalachia in South Carolina (12/8/97) clouds or snow? 
    How do you know? 
  8. On which satellite photo does the cloud cover seem to be coming from the west?
    Explain why.
  9. Look at the blank maps of the southeast. Create your own sky coverage map from the information given on the satellite photos. Label states, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic Ocean.

CONCLUSIONS: Can you predict the cloud cover for 12/9/97 with the information given on the photos labeled,"Cloud Cover Southeastern United States"?


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