Water Cycle - Oceans (4)

PROBLEM: Does salt water act differently than fresh water?


MATERIALS: 3 beakers, water, salt, electric circuit set-up with light bulb.

PROCEDURE: Fill each beaker with 250 ml of water. In one beaker add 1/2 ml of salt and stir (until salt dissolves); in another beaker add 1 ml of salt and stir. Test each liquid to see if it can light up the light bulb and complete an electric circuit. Make sure you clean the electrodes when going from one beaker of salt solution to the next. See how much salt you can put in before there is not difference in the light bulb. Follow the diagram below. Record what happens on the space provided.

RECORD: voltage used _______ voltage of bulb_________


distilled water

tap water

1/2 ml salt


1 ml salt





class results



CONCLUSION: Can you explain the results of this experiment?


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