Volume II

Joyce R. Blueford, Ph.D.

ART WORK: Rita Anselmo, Joyce R. Blueford, Angela Montez
: Doris Raia, Scott Hassler
WEB DESIGN: David Lundeen, Doris Raia


Debbie Davidson, BS, Wildlife Biology
Susan Dutcher, BS, Education
James Gonzales, BS, M.D. Chemistry, Surgery
Jo Marshal, MS, Plant Biology
Angela Montez, MS, Urban Planning
Scott Hassler, Ph.D. Geology


The concepts presented in this teacher manual have been developed and tested at three elementary schools in the San Francisco Bay Area (Blacow Elementary, Fremont; McNair, East Palo Alto; and Federal Terrace, Vallejo)(1983-1987). Special thanks to John Melendez, principal of Blacow Elementary School and Dr. Ida Carveth of McNair Intermediate for allowing their teachers to test these materials. The teachers, students, and parents at these schools helped tremendously to help develop and pilot these lesson plans. Dr. Charlie Mae Knight, Superintendent of the Ravenswood City Schools also helped provide space and a teacher, Susan Dutcher to work with this program at its initial stage. Initial grants from the Gerbode Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, California License Plate Program, Peninsula Community and Stulstaft Foundation. The U.S. Geological Survey, Minority Participation in the Earth Science Program, provided not only financial support, but also contributed many resources in piloting this program.

This book has been significantly revised from its initial draft version that was published in 1988. So many teachers have given us constructive criticism to create a more useable volume. The book would not have been possible without the many teachers that helped contribute to the development of this manual. If it wasn't for the students at the many schools that we have continued to monitor, we would not know how children perceive science. After all, it is for all children that this manual was created.

We would like to acknowledge the many scientists, at the U.S. Geological Survey and many other academic, government, and industry who would answer simple questions when they were needed. We would especially like to recognize the following companies for their continued assistance: Chevron in San Ramon, Calera in San Jose, Swift Microscope Company in San Jose, AIMS Laser in Mountain View, Cleos in Hayward, NASA in Moffett Field, and Straight Edge in Brooklyn, New York for their assistance in proving information or helping us design products that were useful in the curriculum.

Special thanks goes to Hewlett-Packard, Bay Area Contributions who have provided us not only financial support but with equipment to create this present manual.

Jo Marshal, a plant physiologist and Angela Montez, an urban planner were instrumental in getting the initial material together. Lyla Fries provided us with many activities and ideas for kindergarten materials.

Special thanks goes to Susan Dutcher, a teacher at Ronald McNair, who has helped us refine and clarify many of the upper grade lesson plans. Felicia Boner compiled the children's dictionary. Mary Patrician helped get these editions ready for publications.

Ted Carlsen, of Lockheed helped to critique the upper level labs which helped us focus some of our ideas.

Volunteers from the Math/Science Nucleus and countless teachers have provided endless hours to get the I.Science MaTe program in elementary schools. These laboratory exercises have been tested and revised many times, to provide materials for teachers that work with elementary students.


We would also like to thank the following organizations, companies, and individuals who have provided graphics for this electronic version.

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