Universe Cycle - Solar System (K)
Post Lab 

  • Exploring the Solar System.
  • Dramatizing an adventure in space.
  • planets
  • solar system

Students listen to a story about planets and work on the Internet.


Information on the planets increases every year. Not only is the United States exploring space, but many other countries are investigating the planets of our Solar System. Books that have been published in the past may contain erroneous or out-of-date information because of this new research. However, these books may still be useful for their ability to reach younger children, as long as you correct their mistakes. The Internet can help you update your lessons, and provide spectacular pictures of the planets and the other components of the Universe. Combining the information gained from the Internet and the use of children’s books only enhances what your students will learn.

  1. Read The Planets in our Solar System to your students. The book contains a number of activities that you might want to do with your students. They will enhance their understanding of the different planets.
  2. If you have classroom internet access, you may want to show the students the internet sites listed below. Tell the students that new information on the planets comes from many satellites and space probes that scientists launch into space. These space probes take a long time to get to the planets. When they get there, they send back pictures and information on the rocks, atmosphere, and other characteristics of the planet. This information may change what we know about the planet, often making us understand it better.

    The following sites can be used to update information for yourself and to show students a place to go to get new information.

    Windows on the Universe - an excellent site with lots of information on the Solar System.

    View of the Solar System, information on each of the planets.

    Animations of planets and galaxies. The main Hubble Space Telescope site contains many Hubble Space Telescope pictures.

    Collection of information on the nine planets. Also contains links to music and the planets. Audio files that you can download.

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