Universe Cycle - Solar System (3)

PROBLEM: How do the inner planets orbit the Sun?


MATERIALS: brads, construction paper, compass or circle templates, scissors


  1. Make circles with the following dimensions.
         Mercury orbit - 5 cm
         Venus orbit - 10 cm
         Earth orbit - 17 cm
         Mars orbit - 22 cm
  2. Push a brad through a piece of paper, so the sharp end is sticking up. Put the Mars orbit circle on top of it, so that the brad pokes through the center of the circle. Stack The Earth circle on top of Mars the same way, then Venus, then Mercury. Draw a picture of each planet on the edge of its orbit. Use the information your teacher provided.
  3. Make the planets revolve by moving the circles. Use the chart below to find the correct direction. Have your teacher check your movements.




59 days (clockwise)

88 days (counterclockwise)


242 days (counter)

225 days (counterclockwise)


24 hours (clockwise)

365 days (counterclockwise)


24.5 hours (clockwise)

687 days (counterclockwise)

  1. Answer the questions below "YES" or "NO".

Mercury revolved faster than the Earth.


Venus revolves faster than Earth, slower than Mercury


Mars rotates slower than Earth


CONCLUSION: Describe the orbits of the terrestrial planets around the Sun.

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