Universe Cycle - Geography (K)
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  • Exploring the Earth's surface.
  • Comparing and contrasting pictures of Earth.
  • Earth
  • mountain
  • ocean
  • river
  • surface

Students locate the state they live in by coloring.


Geography is a wonderful subject. It allows students to travel to far away lands without moving from their classroom. They learn that the Earth differs from place to place. Some areas are desert, others are high alpine mountains. They may also learn that cultures vary from place to place. These insights expand students knowledge and wonder about the Earth.

At this point, students are just beginning to understand what "far away" means. Small children think that a place 50 miles away is very distant. In this exercise, it is more important to give the students the sense that the Earth changes from place to place than for them to understand the meaning of distances.

This activity emphasizes the use of maps or globes in understanding far away places. The students first examine maps of the world and United States, and then color a map of the United States.

  1. Explain that maps and globes tell us about far away places. Have the students look at the U. S. and World placemats. Have them give you examples of what they might learn from looking at these maps.
  2. You may want to use "bingo chips" to call out a continent, nation, or state and the students cover the answer with a chip.
  3. Have the students color the worksheet of the United States. Have them draw a large X where they live. Have them find their state on the United States Placemat.

    You may want to make worksheets showing your home state. Clip art maps are available at numerous websites. We suggest you do a search for "clipart state maps" to find one that suits your needs.

  4. Many other activities can emphasize the importance of a map or globe. There are many videos and pictures that can make your students curious about the rest of the world.
  5. If you have map puzzles, this would be an excellent lesson to bring them out. If you have a die cut to make puzzles, make one of your home state.

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