Universe Cycle - Earth (K)
Post Lab 

  • Observing different landforms.
  • Comparing and contrasting landforms.
  • beach
  • desert
  • valley
  • lake
  • mountain
  • ocean
  • river
  • worksheet
  • Internet

Students use a worksheet to look at different landforms on Earth.


A landform is a feature of the Earthís surface. Beaches, deserts, lakes, rivers, mountains, and valleys are all examples of landforms. Children are familiar with their own backyard, and many do not know that other "landforms" exist. If you are in a flat area, they may not have seen a mountain. If they live in an urban setting, they may have never seen the ocean.

  1. This activity introduces students to the vocabulary words. They match pictures with the words on the worksheet. You can also use pictures from other sources. For example, if you have a slide collection, (maybe from your travels), you project the pictures, and take the students on a walk through a forest, up a mountain, or through some other landscape.
  2. If you have Internet access, you may wish to have the children look at several travel sites. You can thus go to exotic places without leaving the classroom. Students could also do this at home, under their parentís supervision.

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